• World War Matchmaking Downtime
    Earlier today (4/12) World War Matchmaking was inaccessible, we apologize for this inconvenience. As of 1pm EST you can claim 250 Crowns and 5x 1h Speed Ups as compensation, this must be claimed within 5-days.

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  1. Dvicious

    Moon Idea

    no wind on the moon :D
  2. Dvicious

    New use for Generals

    haha thanks!
  3. Dvicious

    Confirmations of coalitions

    ah makes sense. as a ftp i dont have those fancy VIP toys ;P
  4. Dvicious

    Confirmations of coalitions

    Ive been able to salvage the free retrain by exiting game and force closing ap before the video finishes. When i get back on it usually lets me retrain those troops normally saving the free retrain for later. Doesnt work for the misclick of the coalitions :( cherokee doesnt help my all...
  5. Dvicious

    New use for Generals

    2020 bump.
  6. Dvicious

    Information Age Bugs

    Ive got B-45 Tornados at lvl 1 too.
  7. Dvicious

    Vickers, vickers, vickers

    No Title i got hit by this person in MP twice in 30 minues with 4 stealth bombers per run. seems sketchy to me.
  8. Dvicious

    Space Age Rush 50% (1/20 - 1/27) and 25%(1/27 - 2/3/2020)

    Is the rocket arsenal upgrade discounted?
  9. Dvicious

    Yet another cheater

    Looks legit to me! Maybe he just has a bunch of family coming for the holidays and borrowed some houses for them to sleep.
  10. Dvicious

    Image uploads

    those all look legit to me ;)
  11. Dvicious

    Training Blessings not working

    Same for me. Blessing not working for factory retrains :(
  12. Dvicious

    New library chapters

    Maybe if we are lucky the next library books will give +5% increases to the gargantuan food shipments (for the low price of 100k oil). Or if they really wanted to think outside the box, 50% increase to the arrow size pointing to treasure dock and Marco Polo. Lol
  13. Dvicious

    Space age cannot attack Atomic bases anymore

    Yeah the pace of production is fine for keeping up with building upgrades. But if I had any regret it would be to have ground out a few more of the big oil uni leaders before going SA. My plan of finishing selasie any time soon is now gone.
  14. Dvicious

    Space age cannot attack Atomic bases anymore

    It’s been challenging for me as a new space age base. I went up in the rush a couple weeks ago. I was able to use atomic raiding plus free crowns and speed ups to get through most of the initial big oil things (2x factory, airstrip, HT mk8 and middle silo). And even though I knew access to...
  15. Dvicious

    National Trade Good (NTG) Solutions/Discussion

    I like this concept. The downside is that if a SA/DA wanted to go for loot there would be a LOT of nexting to find a base within a couple ages of them that also had loot. The huge amount of abandoned low age bases would be annoying if not going for ntg
  16. Dvicious

    War attacks not showing up

    :) Hehe
  17. Dvicious

    War attacks not registered lost cards not fun fix this now!!!

    Yeah. It’s a pretty major issue. Genuinely surprised no one showed up to address it since it happened in the middle of the week during business hours. Didn’t expect them to fix it immediately or make everyone happy, but it’s surprising/disappointing that they seem to have just stuck their heads...
  18. Dvicious

    War attacks not registered lost cards not fun fix this now!!!

    Well, we lost our easily winnable war (10v10, 28-30) and more than 500 glory. Still no word from CS on my ticket. Lame. Surprised there’s been no appearance from devs or cs on this.
  19. Dvicious

    War attacks not registered lost cards not fun fix this now!!!

    And it’s still happening now for my alliance mates. :(