• World War Matchmaking Downtime
    Earlier today (4/12) World War Matchmaking was inaccessible, we apologize for this inconvenience. As of 1pm EST you can claim 250 Crowns and 5x 1h Speed Ups as compensation, this must be claimed within 5-days.

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    Seasonal Leaderboard Kickoff!

    Same here. Game crash when new intro. Was the update tested before launched?
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    Summer of Ages

    Yeah. I am still waiting for it.
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    New recroît schéma in thé game

    I have created new account. But I don't find any place to put the code, even after turtorial
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    Co-leader/ leader

    I think some solution above will work just fine. I hope nexon will make the policy in the next update to drop the leader status after certain time of inactive.
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    6 Stars per Town in WW

    IMO, the 75% star is not necessary. You can't got it before 50% star. It is more reasonable to change it, or if you want additional star criteria, should be other than % destruction. May be for exp % of defensive building annihilated, or if troops manage to advance to the center of the base...
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    Alliance Research v8.4 Update

    After update, the game got crash every time I watch ads or enter the customer service. edit:After a few hours, it's coming back to normal
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    Please Put Your Oil Refinery Unprotected

    Lol. Which upgrade did you prioritize other than Fighter Airplane? HT, Rocket Infantry (Bazooka) or Bunker?
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    Historical Description for Space Age Units

    Hi Nexon, I just want to address some minor issue. It seems that some descriptions coming out from "?" symbol next to unit picture, are wrong. All of the Space Age unit descriptions are the same with Cold War Age counter part. Is it normal? Note: I have reported the issue to customer service...
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    Thanks from STILETTOS to Nexon for our war matchup :)

    Terrible matchmaking. If possible, post the line up screenshot. Hopefully, Nexon will see it.
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    Why does the library not work?

    I'll what I can do to the wiki / fandom stats
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    New Low From Customer Service. HT Stats Incorrect

    I saw TinSoldier had noticed the problem with the 2nd rebalance patch notes about the DPS and Base Damage confusions in the forum. But I forgot which threat. And he said he will post any future update notes after the 2nd rebalance in DPS. So if you check the 3rd and 4th rebalance notes, you will...
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    Balance Changes + Decay Update

    I still think that Commando should get their troop space down. For MRL I cant comment anything since never been used before. I'll wait and see. Protect seems to be nerfed rather than buffed. (even tough 1 troop space) Betrayal is also nerfed as their target, which is Heavy Tank, got nerfed.(even...
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    Comparison of generals lvl 1 to 30

    Interesting topic. Some people have input some data at Wikia Page. You can click below link to access it. - Alexander - Cleopatra - Joan of Arc - Nobunaga - Napoleon - MacArthur - Churchill - Hannibal
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    Design Spotlight: Combat Rebalance!

    No Title Just share something from wikia dominations community page. https://dominations.wikia.com/wiki/DomiNations!_Wiki
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    Anybody has Halberdier picture for Chinese or Korean?

    Halberdier is the level 7 heavy infantry from gunpowder age. I would like to complete wikia collection, but it lack of this picture. Really appreciate if you share it. Attached is the example of mediteranean version. Note I'm have the Japanesse version already...
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    Benefits in World War Weapon and Armor Artifacts

    My armor artifact's have benefit of "invading ranged siege dmg" with negative value and "ranged siege hitpoints" with positive value. How come defensive and offensive benefits be in War Armor Artifacts?
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    Looking for Info on Hannibal Research

    May be you could see this link: https://dominations.wikia.com/wiki/University ​​​​​​You'll find hannibal research there. It is not complete, but it is more convinient. Note: if you have research certain research bonus, the value might be different. You should check the Boost section to gain...
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    Re-Rolling Artifacts

    Nice post. IMO Museum is like a lazy place to boosts your army / base without any - more unique art (like armory), - upgrade variant (like library), - upgrade certainty (like university). it was already seems like gambling machine to me. (Even back then you can buy Museum Chest which might...
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    Strange Values at Rebalance Patch 3 Notes

    Nice points Manifesto May be the company and TinSoldier just haven't checked the table before they released it. Anyway, I appreciate them to share the table though. Thank you. Another Notes: - For Jaguar and Pirate, I think they intended to make it like Shieldmaiden but miss typed it. (they...
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    Strange Values at Rebalance Patch 3 Notes

    TinSoldier Just want to address some of the strange values written in the Patch 3 Notes Defenders Section. Though some are not really important, but I just want to know. May be someone can clarify it. 1. Level 6 and 7 for Pirate and Jaguar Warrior are the same Pirate Defender...