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    The time has come to stay in Atomic Age for many, many years

    You’re completely wrong. P2W ruined this game.
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    If you are new to dominations please read

    The point is to warn others, and rightfully so.
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    War weight is broken I'm sure you have no idea what that means

    It’s time to let it die. I’m sorry you spent so much time and effort on your bases. It was worth it for a while I’m sure, but everyone has moved on now. It was a lot of fun while it lasted.
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    What's your favorite DomiNations memory?

    By far my favorite moment in Dominations was when I found out that by not filling my silo with oil I could completely avoid the alarm and scan animation before every battle. Seriously, thank you BHG!!
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    A Thought On War

    I think your point is that if everyone likes configurable wars the status quo pool will shrink, thereby lowering the enjoyment factor from the current level of misery all the way down to unplayable, in catastrophic fashion.
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    A Thought On War

    I’m gonna assume the poster intended these to be options during war setup. Run a quick war, set the number of attacks. Configurable. Allowing those that like the status quo to maintain the current grind into oblivion, while those looking for fresh changes can experiment. Great ideas overall...
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    Veterans benefit - write your account age here

    I found Dominations in early 2015, ID 1.3M. I had been playing boom beach, clash of clans and Star Wars commander. I was hardcore for a couple of years, but eventually become a hermit (troll). I still log in every day to keep my workers busy. Today I have a L323 IA base with a crap museum.
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    Dear Santa...

    Dear Lord Stark, I meant to write you sooner, but I just been busy You said you’re in Digital Age now, how are the build times these days? Look, I'm really flattered you always email us, And here’s some gems, and speed ups for your trouble. I'm sorry I didn't see you on the forum, I must've...
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    APC after University upgrades

    Both, over a several-year period. Although it’s been a while since I’ve warred.
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    APC after University upgrades

    I’ve always used APCs, and now they’re even better. I’m IA 323 and have all my research done, just upgraded my APCs to MK9 (they’re orange now). I bring 3 infiltrators, 4 APCs, 20 RPGs and a machine gun. I drop 1 infiltrator and send him to the silo, drop 2 APCs while he takes out the silo...
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    Can’t donate till your ally updates their game

    Yes, this sounds like a good idea.
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    Bases with missing player name in base cause crashes in WW

    This has been going on for a long time, but they will investigate the account for cheating. Not.
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    Correcting the issue of inactive leaders.

    Come on, Nexon you need to be accountable for this. What is your answer?
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    Training Blessing not actually lasting 1h as advertised

    Agreed, this clearly does not make logical sense.
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    Troop upgrade costs in The Information Age

    Yeah, this is the situation for me. Green Bird, you should switch to factory troops. It’s amazing that you can do so well with the barracks lineup you shared. It will be much easier with APC and RPGs.
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    DomiNations: A Marathon

    Excellent videos!
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    Information Age Bugs

    Bugs everywhere! New bugs, old bugs. See my post on the ancient map editor bug as well. DO YOURSELF A FAVOR AND REQUEST A REFUND FOR CROWNS YOU BOUGHT TO WELCOME IN THE NEW AGE
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    New update still full of bugs

    So the new Info Age update dropped and I was happy as I’m L316. I saved up my resources, bought some crowns and decided to redesign my base to accommodate the new buildings, etc. BUT THE SAME OLD BUGS EXIST IN THE MAP!! This has existed for YEARS!! In fact they may be worse. See attached...
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    Information Age v9.0 Update

    Info Age update is here for IOS
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    Supply Drops

    I find the supply drops (aka daily event shipments) annoying. These show up on my base and when I tap them a whole screen comes up and I need to tap again and wait for a short animation and then close it. No big deal for a decent reward, but that’s not what you get. Instead of something...