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    New General bjorn ironside and VIP

    I have 15% bonus. Not sure what level VIP I am on though. Account is DA
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    National Trade Good (NTG) Solutions/Discussion

    The requirements for NTG for those that are maxed ages will drive players to either leave or not war. The current situation is unsustainable. I've been playing this great game since December 2014. I've seen the good, the bad and the ugly when it comes to this game and I can honestly say, this is...
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    Serious question: how do you manage to screw ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING up so consistenly?

    Try 2014 mate, that's when I started the game.
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    The new event system leaderboard is a joke

    I don't have the time or interest in competing against that. Some players really need to get a RL. This is a game, not a lifestyle. It costs money, it doesn't make you money. I love the game and have been playing it for 5 years in December.Lets keep it in perspective people.
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    The new event system leaderboard is a joke

    You talking about donations
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    New Events Are Here! (FAQs)

    @tin soldier @muet you are suppose to be able to get additional experience points with levelling up artefacts however the system is not remembering/recognising that. Please look into this please.
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    Important question for Muet

    I must of missed something in Muet's response as I don't see an answer to the question or is he saying he didn't know due to some very old coding?
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    Android Not Loading

    In the heading of my report the first word i used was 'All' and Nexon's GM Genius sent back sorry to hear you are having problems. Please try these Android work around. Unbelievable, could not read or understand the first word.
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    Android Not Loading

    Here is the link for those that don't know how to contact CS when not in the game. You will have to know your profile number though. Once you get to this page go to the bottom of it and press contact us
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    Veterans benefit - write your account age here

    I don't know mate, sorry. All I went by was when I first purchased something which I didn't do until I started playing multi-player. Yes that's right you had a choice back then, stay single player or agree to do multi-player. Once selected you couldn't go back to just single player. This was the...
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    Veterans benefit - write your account age here

    I'm SA n according to Goggle Play my first purchase was February 2015
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    Keep Crashing and having intermittent login issues

    Leading up to all major updates, the game becomes very unstable. It's done this from when I started playing the game Feb 2015. You can always tell when an update is just around the corner.
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    Banned for using Matrix glitch - lazy devs betraying their users

    Give it a break. If you don't like it well stop playing. If you haven't got the message yet, you won't get sympathy from us. You used a glitch on purpose n got caught. Let's move on.
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    No excuse not to fix the AR this week

    Totally agree with you chris, averages of a minute across a team of bases is not what wars are about. PS I love the Candy Crush comment
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    Banned for using Matrix glitch - lazy devs betraying their users

    You can sugar coat it how you like, once you decided to purposely use a glitch then it is no longer in the spirit of the game and hence a cheat.
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    Banned for using Matrix glitch - lazy devs betraying their users

    Honestly cheating is a choice, you either choose to or you choose not too. You chose to cheat and now you pay the piper. I'm glad they banned you as now you are paying for the inappropriate choices you have made.
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    How does mongols coalition influence AR?

    Mongols should not effect AR at all as it only increases the damage done by a tactic so only Demolition and Barrage should get the effects of it. With AR the troops do the damage not the tactic. As I said should not however who knows.
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    Do not fix ar

    I to am a so-so attacker however when we are constantly fighting wars with an average destruction across all bases are between 1:10-1:20 per base it isn't enjoyable or sustainable. Yes my priority is to war and doing multi-player is a means to get NTG for coalitions n resources for Ug, I see...
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    No excuse not to fix the AR this week

    As I have said before, I am a defender however I am happy to put up with the current situation for the development team to throughly test whatever they plan to do with the AR tactic. All I ask is that it is throughly tested for other side effects that my not be intentional with the changes they...
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    World War Disabled

    By the sounds of it, this is a server based update not a customer based update