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    Alliance Name (5 alliances): Alliance 1 AOE; Alliance 2 AOE; Alliance 3 AOE; Alliance 4 AOE Alliance 5 AOE. I am co-leader of Alliance 1 AOE not founder but started at same time as founder. I have just gone cold war 218, british, game name derbees.

    Played AOE all the different releases as it was just a great PC based game, then started "game of war" until it got way too expensive, Forge of Empires (still playing) and then started playing AOE "castle age". This was a great mobile based game as you had control of your attacking armies, but unfortunately they closed the game. We looked around for a new game with a great fighting dynamic, and found Domination and have loved it since. Many of the old members from our AOE castle age alliance swapped over when that game closed, but we have had lots of new members join as well. We like getting new members and training them to play, but you have to be ready to move on time wasters too. Our leader has way too much time on his hands and eats sleeps and breathes domination which makes it all work. This is my first and only alliance.

    Likes is we have a great group of players who "mostly" all contribute and participate in chat and help each other out. a number of co-leaders to ease the burden of managing the alliance. Donations happen really quick both to the parliament and troop donations, which makes it really easy. Our members help out with advice trips and tricks and we run a web site on Fandom to help members, which several members contribute to.

    Dislikes are the members you never hear from, and who never donate, don't get in their attacks, or attack bases way lower than them, or don't learn from their mistakes. Beginners are good but you have to be prepared to learn. We move time wasters on pretty quick though.

    1. as has been said before, chat, chat, chat. the current system is the worst I have seen in any game. When playing on the phone the chat screen is so small you almost can't read it at all, terrible communication. While other mediums help, many members just don't want to bother going to look elsewhere, so if it is not in game it can be useless for most. need to be able to keep posts, rules, tips in game lol. The game of wars chat mechanism is brilliant. chat groups across allilances. look at game of wars that does it really well
    2 war matching mechanism. it seems every game we play is an easy win or an easy loss, very rare to get a good evenly matched game. In particular most of us are atomic age or below with some just going cold war, and we get matched against teams with one or two space age/digital players and half their players good, the rest really low levels. what teams do is throw in one or two really high age players, as their city is just too strong for a lower age player to beat, so they effectively block us from getting at least 10 points. they then fill that in with some real players and the bottom is really low players. the matching mechanism should not allow alliances to match two alliances with the top players more than two levels different.
    3. cheaters. Hate it when you see a city with 20 buildings all under construction. When I try to report them, they make it so hard to report that you give up in the end, does not feel like they really want to stop the cheaters.
    4 ha ha just one more. in game stats, the stats information on our alliance and comparison to other alliances is just useless to work out what players are doing well and how we are doing to others. medals tell you nothing.

    don't know why we suggest improvements, as the problem with chat and others has been around for years and complained about for years, and they do nothing about it!


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      Someone needs to keep this thread going.... 😌🤌

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