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Building Upgrade Spreadsheet

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  • Building Upgrade Spreadsheet

    Everyone, I thought I would share an Excel spreadsheet that can be used to calculate resources and time needed to complete your building upgrades in Dominations. I didn't create this from scratch but used one that someone built for Clash of Clans and modified it for this game. It's not perfect but should be pretty close. Most values were taken off of the Dominations Wiki for hp and damage.

    Things to be aware of - I used the concept of citizen days to get to a common value for build time. So a trap may be 2 citizen days (1 citizen x 2 days) and a mill would be 8 citizen days (4 citizens x 2 days). You can't have 8 people work on the mill at once so the build time may not work great at lower ages but in higher ones where there is so much to do, I think it works good enough to give you a sense of how long it will take to max a base out.

    Also, I did not try to deal with differences in Nations, research, damage modifiers, etc. Too much work for what I was looking for. I did assume the max buildings per age even if that required research to be completed. So if you are wondering why the xls has slots for more oil wells than you can build, that would be why.

    I left Wonders and houses off. For no real reason other than I already built them. If people are really interested, maybe I or someone can add them in. It wouldn't take long.

    I'm sure I took other liberties in building the thing out that I can't remember, so with that...

    ******* UPDATE: 13 February 2020 - latest link available to the world ********


    It's only about 200k, so quite small though the formula calculation is slow if you use it. If someone wants to repost it somewhere more useful feel free.

    I'm sure I will be asked about adding library, armory, and university options and maybe if I get real bored I might, but not anytime soon. I'm happy to try to answer questions people have when I have time.

    I hope some people find this useful. I know I did once I realized that I need over 6110 citizen days to max out my Atomic Age base! If I used all 17 of my citizens non-stop they would finish 360 days from now.

    Have fun!!

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    I have started doing something similar to my alliance, but I like your sheet more. Can I use it and customize it to fit my alliance?

    Also, I think you should try and migrate it to the Google Sheets, because not everyone has Excel or similar program, and with Google Sheets everyone could use it - you could share it in view mode only so others could make a copy to the their local site. Just an idea.

    Also, something I tried to make on my sheet was to assess the strength of each alliance member. For that I have weighted the offense and defense upgrades, with a multiplying factor, based on what I consider is the importance of the building/troop. This way I could assess the pros and cons of each member, and base my judgement of each member better. This is just an idea, and would like to hear your thoughts about this. Have you tried anything similar? If so, how did you thought about implementing it?

    I would be very much interested in helping you developing this sheet better, so feel free to discuss it further.

    Once again, good job mate!


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      bugalho, please use this spreadsheet however you wish. I posted it for the community to take advantage of and I'm glad you find it useful.

      I am open to moving it to Google sheets so it can be used through a web browser though I probably can't take the lead on that. If someone wants to create the shell there, I'm happy to spend some time to get it fully functional. I view this as a tool that could help lots of players.

      As for your "strength" request, it would be quite easy to do. It really is no different than calculating how many resources are needed for a given upgrade. There are a hidden sheets for each building, all you would need to do is add a column (ideally always the same column to keep the formulas easy to maintain), and then add a strength value for each level. Last step would be to sum them and provide an overall strength score for a player on the summary page. If you need help figuring out how to do that let me know. If someone sets this up in Google I can also prototype it pretty quickly for you there.


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        I'm not a Google sheets expert but here is the spreadsheet in Google sheets

        ******* UPDATE: 13 February 2020 - removed old link - please see last post in this thread for the latest link and version *******

        Someone more knowledgeable than me may want to try it out and see if they can copy it over to their google account and use it. Most everything should work.

        It is also a lot faster than the excel version when updating which is a real plus.

        Hope you guys find this helpful.
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          Agamemnon, tnx for your spreadsheet.
          I downloaded it, and it seems great, but I don't understand how to change ages/
          Also, there are only 9 ages in the section, why is that?
          Please answer, so I can use it correctly.


          • yemen
            yemen commented
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            There are 9 columns, which allows for the max number of buildings of a single type you can have (9 ambush traps). They will get opened up as your town center goes up to match how many you can have in that age.

            To adjust for your age, put the appropriate number in the town center row. There is only ever quantity one of that, but adjusting that accounts for your level. 11 is atomic I believe. That will open up spaces in the other rows to match the number of buildings of that type you can have in that age. Then you put the level of each building you have in the appropriate column.

          • Agamemnon999
            Agamemnon999 commented
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            phraxos, yemen described it pretty well. The key is to enter your City Center level in cell E4. If you are not sure what number to put in, scroll down on the spreadsheet and you'll see a legend that maps ages to numerical levels. Once you do that let the spreadsheet update, it might take a few seconds. At that point it should open up columns E to M to be editable with the number of slots opened equaling the max number of that building type available for that age. From there, put in the level of each building(s) in the columns and the spreadsheet will calculate how much food/gold/oil you need to upgrade to the next level. On the bottom right it will also tell you how many resources you will need in aggregate and how long it will take to max out your base for that age. If you have more questions let me know.

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          Awesome, after a half of an hour I understood how it works. : )


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            Thx loved your spreadsheet at the begining now when i filled it up and it told me i need 760 days of upgrading my feelings are little bit mixed 😀😀. Hovewer its not a fault of the spreadsheet itself 😁😁


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              Awesome job 🙏
              I work with Excel most of the time but never have a thought to do it 😁
              Improvise. Adapt. Overcome.


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                Great job! Thank you, it's really helpful!


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                  Thanks fot great job!
                  I found some bugs.
                  Number of building is wrong for:
                  Oil Refinery
                  Decoy Trap
                  S.A.M. Battery
                  Because values on New TH #ofBulidings dB for these building is shift left for one cell.


                  • Agamemnon999
                    Agamemnon999 commented
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                    Maklaut, you sure the counts are off? Once again, I assumed all research was complete in the library/university so if you see extra building slots it may be for that reason. My base and the number of buildings matches perfectly.

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                  Great job!

                  I think it would be a nice addition to add the XP gained, a lot of players are interested in that for reaching a certain lvl (especially lvl 220)


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                    With the new release it looks like there are some additional levels. That means the spreadsheet calculator will need some updating. I'm happy to post a new version once I find out the statistics. I used the wiki last time so I will either wait till it reflects the new levels or if the community provides the new stats here, I will use that. I'll try to incorporate ratata's xp request as well.


                    • bugalho
                      bugalho commented
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                      Yeah noticed that too.

                      I am trying to workaround your sheet to get also the troops upgrades and trying to include the university and the library, but it is something that takes time, especially the troops. I still haven't figured out a good way to put the troops in you sheet, because it is not obvious from the names of the troops at which level they are. Unless we add a legend to the sheet explaining that, and that would be a solution.

                      Also I like the idea of adding the levels, but I don't know how much XP is required per level, so it is hard to track this, unless we knew the XP per level. Does anyone has this information?

                      Also trying to figure it a good methods to integrate walls and gates into the sheet, but wall by wall is a hard task. I think we could add a support for 10 different levels of walls - I don't think there are people with 10 different levels of wall, at least not the ones concerning this sheet . Then we could add up all the walls in each level to check that they match the number of wall in that age, just to confirm it is ok. The problem here is that you have variables instead of one - usually you only get the level, and the quantity is given by the blank spaces to fill in with the level. Now you have those variables to map into one cell which would add up... So either we think of a different view for mapping wall and gates, or.... I don't know .

                      Does anyone have any good suggestions to implement this? Once again, you have done a great job Agamemnon999. I think we have a very good working base to make something really really useful to anyone playing this game seriously.

                    • Agamemnon999
                      Agamemnon999 commented
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                      Bugalho, try this link for ideas

                      ******* UPDATE: 13 February 2020 - removed old link - please see last post in this thread for the latest link and version *******

                      It was the source for what I used. It has an entire section for walls that might prove helpful that I just ignored. Technology and University are harder to work through which is why I left them out when I did my first pass. Let me know if I can help you in some way as you work on it. Work has been pretty busy lately but if I can help I will.
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                    • bugalho
                      bugalho commented
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                      Awasome sheet @Agamemnon999!!! I will take it as a base - trying to keep as much as your work as possible to not duplicate - and try to extend it to troops, generals, coalitions and tactics, as well as the walls and gates part. Let's see how it goes.

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                    For the library perhaps make a second sheet similar to the main sheet. Instead of having everything based off the city center level have it based off of library level. Instead of listing the buildings, list the technologies and the number the user inserts would be 0-5 corresponding to the number of chapters they have completed in that technology. Just a thought, not sure how feasible it is...


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                      Agamemnon999, yes I'm sure.
                      The bug was for global age (not only) buildings count.
                      I specified these buildings early.
                      If you open the list New TH #ofBulidings dB and look at values. You will see empty values in column M (12) for these buildings.
                      Last edited by Maklaut; 08-01-2018, 06:13 AM.


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                        Bugalho, you make any progress on adding university or other elements? I might have some time in the next week so I'm thinking about tackling the University. If you've made progress though I would rather not duplicate effort. Let me know.

                        Maklaut, you are absolutely right. Will fix it in the next iteration depending on what Bugalho has.


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