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Building Upgrade Spreadsheet

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    Hi Agamemnon999,

    Hi have taken the original spreadsheet as well as yours as a baseline. I have removed all unnecessary sheets and have reformulated all the sheets with only the relevant information - you had many blank or unnecessary columns. I have reworked the formulas for the future. So basically so far I had only time to refactor your work, to be more DomiNations like. Although I have an issue now, that I am trying to get it solved - the sheet is bit slow to compute all the formulas now. I am checking where this is coming from, and try to get it worked out. Also I have already a dB for all troops and war tactics. So my next steps would be:
    - Add a similar sheet to your original one for troops, war tactics and generals
    - Get a first draft for the library
    - Get a first draft for the university

    So answering your question, I still didn't start the work on the university and library, but I am on my on my way to it. I you want we can combine our efforts and start working in parallel - for that we may have to work under the same sheet.

    Let me know if you want to do it. Also if there is anyone else who wants to participate is more than welcome.


    • Giuseppe Lo Bue
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      great work!!!! can you upload the updated file? thank you

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    Bugalho, no problem. I've got some time so I'll wrap up the University. I think I can do it in one worksheet that can then be copied into the main one. We then will just need to link the University level for it to mesh. Should be quick as I'm probably 50% done already. Mansa Musa and Hiawatha are done, and I have a model for prerequisites working great. I've already got the food and gold cost discounts working so all I have left is the time reductions and the citizen reductions. Citizen is easy, time will take a bit longer just so it looks right. Once that is done, it's copy and paste and update names, costs, and times. Will try to be done before the weekend.


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      Hi Agamemnon999,

      That is absolutely great! I have wrapped up the troops DB and cleaned up some formulas. The sheet is a bit faster now, but it is slow for my taste. I think the problem is that I have made my formulas very dynamic, so we can add and remove columns in the DB sheets. This is great because gives you flexibility, but at the expense of a longer calculation time... I send you here a shared link for my current sheet. Take a look and let me know. I have made a couple of changes. It would be better if we work under the same framework, so that migration of both efforts would be easier. Let me know if you have any suggestions.


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        OK, here is the University version. A couple of comments if I may.

        The conditional formatting needs some work, it doesn't work quite right and some numbers show in red when they shouldn't. I might try to fix it next week.
        It would really benefit from some nice pictures of leaders.
        It calculates time discounts to the minute even though Nexon does not. Generally speaking it is close, occasionally it is off an hour. Not enough to bother me.
        There is a University Master sheet where you put in your university level. For now ,since this is a standalone sheet. When this gets merged into the main sheet, that probably won't be necessary.
        On the same sheet, I have filled out the library research that is applicable. In column B, you put in the % discount. I left it there as an example. If you haven't this research, blank it out.

        *** Also, Suleiman and I think Catherine do not have complete info as to resource and prerequisite levels on the Wiki. So your mileage with those two will vary unless someone can give me the info. Look at the hidden sheets for cells highlighted in yellow. If you post the missing info on this thread, I can add it to the shared worksheet until Bugalho combines them into one.

        So that's it for now. Here you go -->

        ******* UPDATE: 13 February 2020 - removed old link - please see last post in this thread for the latest link and version *******

        Last edited by Agamemnon999; 02-13-2020, 08:01 AM.


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          Hi everyone,

          So after some time in silence I come back to you with some new. I have this upgrade spreadsheet worked on a bit more. What I have new:
          - The Archive is already there as well as the Hannibal
          - A new sheet dedicated only to the troops upgrades
          - A new sheet for walls and gates upgrades

          What I have improved:
          - The formulas are better and sheet faster
          - Instead of numbers for Age and troops - for you to not check the level on the wiki - I have a list with the names per nation for each troop, so that you juts choose you current troop and the troop level is calculated.
          - Conditional formatting for some cells improved.
          - Buildings (like Castle/Fort) or troops (like generals) requiring Food and Oil - not just one or the other - this is now taken into account for global resources needed.

          What is still missing in the current version:
          - I am yet to fill in all the Generals information, so this is not ok for generals stats. For this I would like ISAMAGNA to help and provide its information from the generals. Would you provide the sheet with this information ISAMAGNA, because currently the wiki is not too precise and lacks a lot of information
          - I didn't have incorporated the new factory level and new troops levels from last update, due to lack of information. If someone provides this information, it is easy to fix this one.
          - Some conditional formatting is not working ok when converting the sheet to a google sheet. Have to dig a bit to check why, but it is not a major issue.

          What are my next steps:
          - Incorporate the University version of Agamemnon999 into this new version - this may take a while, but lets see
          - Add the previous content, and correct some bugs that you may find.

          Agamemnon999 are you already into this? Can you work on something similar for the library, while I incorporate the university and the remaining parts. Thanks for the effort you have been putting also into this.

          I would really appreciate any feedback coming from you, to help us and improve this sheet. I think this is going in the right way and it is becoming a very handy tool to everyone.

          Just let us know your thoughts, and hope this is handful to you guys.

          So, here is the current version:


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            Hello again,

            So just want to update you regarding this:
            - I have integrated the University version from Agamemnon999 into my sheet. It is working now the university
            - I have added Hannibal Barca, based in the template provided by Agamemnon999 - we don't have re-invent the weel
            - I have added Hannibal as a general, but no data available yet for it

            What I am missing and the next steps:
            - Build the template for Library and incorporate it in the spreadsheet
            - Gather data for the Hannibal Barca researches - I don't have yet the date for the time, the cost and the resource of each research
            - Gather data for the Generals - a lot of it still missing
            - Incorporate the University bonus into the buildings and troops - current bonus only apply for the uni researches, not to troops or buildings
            - After develop the Library template, incorporate the bonuses into the buildings and troops
            - Still don't have the data for the new factory level - should be easy if someone provide the data

            So my main problem at the moment is some lack of information to fill into the database of the spreadsheet, like the information for the generals and for the new university leader. If anyone has this information and would be kind enough to share with the remaining of the community I would really appreciate. We are close of having a good sheet in place for everyone to use. ISAMAGNA you seem to have a very good database for generals. Would you share it?

            Also Agamemnon999 , have already developed any Library template. If so, there is no need to start it all over, we could already use your base. If not, I will try to come up with an idea to incorporate it.

            I am not sharing the new version until have the Library in place.

            Also any further suggestions or comments are very welcome.


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              you guys are awesome. Can't wait to see the new version
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                bugalho, I have not started anything past what I did with the University. I've been fairly busy with work and am unlikely to get to it anytime soon. Sorry about that and I appreciate your work on this!

                One point I want to make on the University sheet I provided is that the food and gold discounts don't seem to match what I see in the game. If you have finished Mansa, Hiawatha, and the appropriate Library research, it appears that you should be getting 40% off each. In game I see 50% off. That means either the values in the Wiki are off (possible though unlikely), there is a 10% discount somewhere I missed (possible), or there is a bug with the game providing that additional 10% off (possible). In my personal version I just upped the discount modifier and it works perfectly, but wondering if you noticed the same thing or found the missing 10% modifier.


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                  Hi Agamemnon999 , no problem then I will try to implement the library in the meanwhile.

                  As for what you have observed, I haven't compared it yet, but I have to remove those discounts off my sheet and later correlate them with the Library, because I am just Global Age and don't have yet the Computing research. So I will put them to 0, and check my researches cost and see if something is off. If so, I will look for it.

                  Also, have you had the time to take a look at the last version I uploaded? What are your thought on the Troops part? Do you think I have too much information, or is it useful as it is?

                  Thanks for the heads up and for the feedback.

                  Will keep you posted.


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                    bugalho I finally took a good look at what you put together. Some detailed comments in the interest of improving it. Keep in mind these reflect some personal tastes of mine.

                    1) Nice improvement of changing city center to select your age. Much easier for someone to use.
                    2) The conditional formatting on that page no longer seems to work in terms of making buildings maxed for the age green. This matters to me a lot because at a glance I can tell progress overall for the age. It may not matter to others at all. I think you mentioned that the formatting needed some work still, this is always the last thing to focus on in my mind.
                    3) On the troop levels page - I like the concept a lot. I can't really test it completely because for some reason the dropdown selection won't work for nation specific units. No matter what nation I select the unit name just saying "loading". Maybe it is just really slow, but I can't get it to update at all.
                    4) The troops levels page needs some formatting improvements. Make the dropdown field wider, fix conditional formatting, etc. All minor things, but it does the job very well.
                    5) On the troops page I would have the resources needed closer to the time, and the skill improvements over further to the left. Again, my preference, others may prefer the stats where they are.
                    6) Walls and Gates - nice job! It's nice to now know that I need 2 engineers to blow up lvl 16 walls! I think this page would benefit a lot from linking to University and Library as appropriate adjusting stats accordingly.
                    7) University - just a note that your grouping on the leaders is off a bit. The plus sign to expand is below the name. That should be a quick fix and would make it much more useful for it to be even with the name.

                    I think you have moved the thing forward a lot more than I did. My feedback is largely cosmetic. I'm impressed, you've done a great job!

                    I wish I could help more but at this point I can probably only help review and provide feedback. My schedule might lighten up towards the end of the year, we'll see. Let's keep it going! I think this will be a great tool for players that love the game.


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                      Agamemnon999 , thank you very much for your feedback.

                      This is what I am looking for to improve this. You also deserve a lot of credit on this. I just did some improvement to your original sheet, adapted some other stuff like the walls from CoC sheet you provided a incorporated your University template into the sheet, so you already have a great deal of work put into this.

                      This weekend I will hopefully have some time to develop the Library template, and to fix some of the bugs as well as put some of you feedback in place also - especially the conditional formatting, which is also bothering me. If I am able to put this together, I will release a new version on Monday. If not I don't know also when will have much time to put into this - most of the times will be on the weekend, but not all of them. So fingers crossed that all goes well.

                      If I can put it together it would just be a matter of gather data for the generals - this is the part where we have almost no information to go forward... Most likely will have to look at my generals and build up from there.


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                        TinSoldier , would it be possible that you guys publicly provide that info that we need so that we can fill in this planning spreadsheet? Those of us that love the game and are engaged with it, try to keep the community interested. I myself have found making this spreadsheet keeps me engaged while I wait for my upgrades to finish. It has now come to a point that I am feeling a bit frustrated, because I have look all over for some information and can't find it. I have based my information mostly on the DomintaionWiki, but there are not much info for example regarding Generals stats, so I can't complete this spreadsheet without this information. In my opinion this would be a very good tool for everyone playing the game, if not at least for one to see how long would take him/her to finish an era, or to have an overview of theirs base/army strength. It could also be improved with further accurate date. Honestly I don't understand why can't we have access to game data - not to change it just look at it. I am not even asking for an API where the users could make real time apps gathering up to date information from the game, but for sure you can retrieve your dB information and put it on an excel format or something like it, and share it with us.

                        I know that most likely my request will not be attended, but at asking doesn't hurt. Also, if "No" is the answer, please give us a proper reason for not doing so.

                        Thank you in advance, and really hope the answer is "Yes sure. You can find it in the following attachment!".


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                          This REQUIRES you to have EXCEL to use! Also, be careful when trying to generate a party with 0 selections in drop down; it consumes a lot of CPU due to the massive calculations.
                          There are some issues with generating a party with 0 selections and all skins. Try filling in some hero slots first. Nothing I can do about this unless we get the original creator to assist with the vba scripts


                          • bugalho
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                            Yes I know. I have realized that keeping this in the Excel will be correct way to do so, because I have now too many references and converting it to Google sheets will disrupt the work, so I am keeping it in Excell format. The good news, is that Excel Online is free, as long as you have an OneDrive account, so I would advise everyone willing to use this to get it.

                            Also will pay attention to your suggestion. Thank you for the input.

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                          TinSoldier could you comment on my previous comment? I would really input from your side. It would help us a lot. We trying to make something good for the community here. Having your collaboration would be a demonstration of good will from Nexon's side, in keeping in touch with the community.

                          Also guys, for the rest of you that are following this WIP I can give you some updates:
                          - I have a draft about to be finished for the library
                          - I have added the Rocket Arsenal, which was missing
                          - Added and updates the info as per the last re-balance stages
                          - Other minor aesthetic tweaks

                          Next steps:
                          - Add the bonus from the university and the library applied - like discounts, buffs to buildings HP and damage, buffs to HP and damage, etc...
                          - Add the wonders to the Buildings
                          - Add the wonders effects applied wherever meaningful - like Versailles buff for factory troops and so on.

                          When I have library draft finished I will release an updated version of the sheet - hopefully this weekend. I would appreciate any improvement suggestions, or anything that you would like to have added to the this sheet.


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                            Hi everyone,

                            So here is a new version of the sheet with the library chapters added. Still some things missing, but I think some improvements have been made since the last version.

                            Once again, would appreciate positive criticism to this, as well as any additional/missing data.


                            • Giuseppe Lo Bue
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                              the age relating to the cold war is missing

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