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New to the game? DO NOT DO OFFERS!

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  • New to the game? DO NOT DO OFFERS!

    For any new players that have not experienced it yet, do not waste your time completing any offers. They are usually denied. The high value ones especially.

    Most of all, DO NOT SPEND ANY MONEY ON COMPLETING OFFERS. Nexon will blame ironsource and ironsource will blame you and you just gave them money for the privilege.

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    If you insist on attempting an offer be sure to take screenshots of every step. From the offer and everything that shows you did what you were supposed to.
    Even if you send them all the proof, they will still sonetomes deny you the reward that was promised.

    High value rewards are particularly sketchy. They won't even give you a reason why not. I think it's because they didn't do the math beforehand. On my last denied offer I would get 5704 crowns if I downloaded some POS game and made a purchase. I paid $1.39 for some ****.
    There was no minimum purchase requirement.

    So I get that it's not in their interest. But why lie about it


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      I echo these sentiments. I've included a picture of a common response after opening up an inquiry with IronSource and pushing it further. Basically they are telling you to get lost and stop writing to them!

      Idk how something so simple always turns into a process. I click the offers tab where my crowns are for "Free Crowns'". I find an offer I like that's attainable, it downloads, I play to satisfy requirements and then I dont get rewarded?

      It's beyond frusterating when the only way I find out about offers is thru the DomiNations offerwall. I screenshot, I make sure it's my first download, and I wait usually 2 days after completion to make a report if an offer isnt rewarded.

      Sometimes the advertisers incorrectly deny offers and IronSource will get it right. However...I have had a couple of several thousand crown offers get denied which shouldn't of been, as well as several other crown offers in the hundreds range. I dont understand why these advertisers are rejecting, or is this IronSource not doing their due diligence to convey the player has completed everything.


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        Agree with above. I’ve seen this too, and it’s bad for players and bad for Nexon.

        why do Android users get an advantage in this game (offers for playing games) and from what I can tell, iOS users get these spammy offers that don’t pay much and are sketchy at best.?
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          That’s shady so thanks !


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            Need to bump this up