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Some ideas for new research slots

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  • Some ideas for new research slots

    1. Armory: Each new research slot can be obtained by using a crown.
    • I think upgrading Troops, Tactics, Generals, Factory, Aircraft, and Coalitions all takes a long time with just 2 research slots.

    2. Library: New research slots per bookcases can be earned by using crowns.
    • I think it can take a long time to researched Bookcases like Through The Ages as there are more Bookcases.

    3. University: A new research slot for each of the Great Leaders can be obtained by using Crowns.
    • Unlike Amelia Earhart and Emperor Haile Selassie, some great leaders, such as Sun Tzu, require a very long time to research technology. So, I think it would be nice if each great leader could use the crown to get a new research slot.

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    yes the extra slot for the armory especially is much needed! This game has become extremely long anyway.
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