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Naval Dock - Please read! 4 years later

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  • Naval Dock - Please read! 4 years later

    I have been playing for 5 years, over 4 years ago I made a suggestion for the game that I know will definitely add to the playability of Dominations.( Still my favorite game for tablet.) I will restate my idea again. Coastline expansion. This would include new areas to unlock, It would also add the following improvements. Anti-naval guns, warships with the naval generals that would correspond. Buoy-bombs for anti defense, Troops trained specifically on the air craft carrier. Sea to land troops and vehicles like duck boats that would allow troops to attack from water to the coast. This is a thorough game, but it lacks one of the largest portions of world War that should be in any war game. I am actually suprised for as much time goes into study of generals, history, museum, library, and all of the details included- that this game fails to deliver on such a major component of war history. Please consider my request for future updates. Thank you!

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    While it would be a nice new addition (I like the idea of unlocking new sections that might yield some goodies) I don't see the overall benefit - other than maybe an off-shore bombardment from battleships.
    What's the benefit of troops attacking all the way from the sea? We can drop troops right on the base and paratroopers can be dropped inside the base.


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      Just suggested something similar, but not as expansive. Just boats to use the existing sea.


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