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  • Age rush

    If Nexon really wants to do an age rush, what they should do is take 30%-50% off build times instead of gold/food discounts.

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    Yeah, the food/gold/oil discounts are pretty meaningless at upper levels. With everything taking two weeks or more to upgrade, resources are always overflowing by the time citizens free up. At least there are always walls to soak up the excess.

    I once heard DominatIons referred to as a “forever game” and this term changed my outlook on it as I realized that I will never be satisfied with new unlocks or builds. Any given feature or level advance has such a minor effect that it is barely noticeable. Sure, getting planes or the silo are exceptions but the general rule applies to 95% or more of upgrades. So what did that lesson teach me? It taught me that spending to rush builds is unrewarding because they don’t make a difference and afterward you are immediately stuck back in the never-ending wait.


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      Black tiger what you say is not entirely true mate.

      Lets take this example....

      player A: A very rushed SA 230 level player that started in 2018 with max offence (commando/zooks, planes) with archealogy completed....Defensively he has industrial age buildings except his 2 bunkers, SAMs and Air Defence buildings. This guy can attack almost every base up to 300 level (and maybe a bit higher) while maintaining a decent base that can potentially become dangerous for the attacker if he doesnt pay attention to those HTs and Planes.

      player B: A defensive player SA level 305 . He has almost every building max. He invested 5 years in building everything in his base. He can not loot effectively from Digital age bases and loses the max domination oil bonus of 13K+. He is being looted very often from other Digital age players because his bunkers are one age behind and is frustrated from this fact.

      Which of the 2 players would you rather be? I prefer player A tbh.

      Upgrades in space and digital age can take forever (that is true) but they offer big jumps in HP and damage. Offensively you can use Recon that is simply amazing! Every age has something that matters.
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        > I once heard DominatIons referred to as a “forever game”...
        Remember that Tim Train, CEO of BHG, refers to this game’s living & changing nature as the main ingredient to make this game “a 15+ year game”.


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          Originally posted by wrathchild_78 View Post
          Every age has something that matters.
          It's hard to appreciate this in whatever age you are currently in especially the lower ages - It's only when you age up that some thing makes your attack more potent. The catch is there's only one way to find out what that 'thing' is.


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            I’ll stand by what I said. I think that if you made a list of all upgrades and marked those that returned a noticeable difference in gameplay you would have a a very small group in comparison to the meh ones. If the material group was more than 5% of all upgrades I’d be surprised. In fact I believe 5% is probably on the high side.

            BTW, wrathchild, I would consider myself neither of those player types that you described. As a L311 DA I have max troops and near max defenses (kinda near?). Combined with only moderate attacking skills, it means I can roll most bases outside the monster ones, and I haven’t been rolled myself in months (although it is possible and has been done). Understand that I stay between 2600-3200 medals where I’ve found a sweet spot for victory chest reward vs. difficulty level.


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              Originally posted by wrathchild_78 View Post
              player A: A very rushed SA 230 level player that...
              Player A - this is the second / third.. account of a five-year-old player Who has already filled the cones and realized what it takes to win. In addition, most accounts of type A are cheater accounts, because few people have the patience to honestly grow a second account, and most importantly, the rules of the game will have time to change and the chosen 2 year old strategy will not be effective. Go to domi.pl and make sure that most type A accounts are grown unrealistically fast..


              • wrathchild_78
                wrathchild_78 commented
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                you are forgetting that there are many players that received help from older members and told them how to proceed fast through the ages and not do the unwanted upgrades at all.
                In fact, I do this on a daily basis in my alliance. Players from enlightenment age are advised to only upgrade airport/factory units and specific chapters in library and specific leaders in uni. You have no idea how much time all this saves from them. Armory and barracks units are completely left unupgraded after industrial age. That is the case with mortars, sniper towers, vault, roads, caravans, farms, oil wells, some garrisons, redoubts etc....

              • King Crimson
                King Crimson commented
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                It's amazing how many accounts are cheater accounts because people believe it to be so. The age we're living in now where opinion = fact. SMH

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