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  • Alliance Gate

    Would be nice if we could donate food, gold, and oil to alliance members. Also, in the market, if we could trade food, gold, or oil for one another.

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    If you ask me, this would open the doors for cheating more than it is right now. Especially if you have 2 accounts. Than you can push your weaker one and do not have to play the game. So.... if you ask me: veto! :-D
    Until it is not fixed, my signature will be:
    Dominations = the better cheater wins!


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      The “Alliance Bank” idea has been floated many times through the years, and so far BHG’s official response is no. Mainly because of abuse and rapid advancement of whomever receives focused resources & slowing of anyone who receives very little.

      I like your idea of resources trading: Gold, Food, Oil translating into something that one needs right now. Would be very helpful with museum resources. I mean will anyone ever use 20,000k research ladies when they must chase so many more supplies first?
      This museum trading idea was floated as a possible VIP benefit.


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        This is a good idea if they put a reasonable limit on donations like small amounts and only once a day. Rather than people exploiting this to grow a low age base quickly, small amounts can be donated to 'top up' the lower mills/markets - just enough to start an upgrade. The only people benefitting would be low age bases, and what's wrong with helping the little guy?
        ​​​​​It's not cheating to help alliance members with donations. We're already doing it with troop donations.
        And really, there's not much difference between donating troops or resources - when you donate troops you use up your resources anyway.
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