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Placement of tactics in beginning of army placement tab

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  • Placement of tactics in beginning of army placement tab

    I would like to suggest to change the position of tactics in tab during attack on other players. The position of tactics at end of bar create to much problem to use them during the war , even sometime a wedding tactic is used due to which we loss the complete war. So change the position of tactics from last to front door easier to use them effectively.

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    The Troop bar needs to be completely redesigned. Hide / move to the end of the used forces. Divide into several bars or make drop-down sections. This has been written about many times here - we need to get rid of scrolling!


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      From left to right it should be:

      Barracks troops
      Factory troops
      Alliance donated troops
      Offensive Missile Red Button
      Academy tactics
      Troop tactics
      "A new power is rising! Its at hand!"


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        This sort is only suitable as a fix with minimal effort of devs. But placing academy tactics on the right is bad all the same! When many types of units in the setup (and not just a banal set of HT+planes) have to scroll to get to the tactics, this is not acceptable!
        If we talk about the most simple changes, it is an automatic shift to the end of the list (to the right) of each used card of troops, and the disappearance from the bar of used cards of tactics. To always have unused units in front of your eyes, NO SCROLLLING!
        Last edited by Uhuru; 02-17-2020, 02:47 AM.