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Trapped troops in upgrading buildings

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  • Trapped troops in upgrading buildings

    Conversation with support did not work so asking here.

    I asked for a block to be put into buildings that are upgrading like a factory or airstrip so when you get back from an attack and press retrain, it will retrain all the troops like previous attack. The problem is it sticks half the troops into an already upgrading building so now it can be hours before you can attack again or you attack short handed or you can pay the crowns on a 2 week upgrade to get your troops back to use them.

    support answered back by saying don’t worry, your troops will all return to you when the upgrade completes.

    My first thought is duh and why am I wasting my time again trying to make a game better when half of my longtime friends have moved on?

    That’s not what I said. What I said is why does the game allow troops to be trained AFTER you start a building upgrade like a factory? It’s idiotic to have to wait for those troops which btw they do train inside of that upgraded building. You have to wait until they are fully trained. There is no way of speeding up those troops with crowns so when you hit the retrain button it should not send troops into an already upgrading building or they get trapped in there for awhile. Send this to the dev team so they put a block on upgrading buildings so troops do not go in there to be trained. All troops should only go to non upgrading buildings or have the option to choose. This is only for retraining troops. Yes, I know I can skip hitting retraining and manually train troops but it cannot be that difficult to block troops from going into an upgrading building for training?

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    So you'd rather go back to the old system of only 1 barrack, factory, airstrip working while the other upgrades? Hard pass. It can be annoying with airplanes as their blessings are somewhat rare and valuable but just use a training blessing for ground troops. Or manually input your retrains if it's an issue. What we have now is far superior to the old system.


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      Just need to make sure that the process of upgrading the building does not affect the ability to train troops.
      The way it's done now it looks like a bug.


      Unconfigured PHP Module