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Clean up of inactive alliances

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  • Clean up of inactive alliances

    Have the system automatically remove people from alliances that have not logged into the game for say 180 days. Don’t delete the accounts, just kick them from alliances.

    This would have the advantage of clearing out all the old 1 player inactive player alliances that are out there. New players or experienced players would then not have to sift through all the old alliances when looking for one to join. Alliances would then disappear when no people are left in the alliance.

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    That's a beauty of an idea. There is way too much dead wood clogging up the search pages.


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      Great advice, I agree. and I would set a deadline of 90 or even 60 days. After all the thrown out player can always come back again if he returns to the game.
      The implementation of this simple mechanism will help to manage quite live alliances too. So it will eliminate unnecessary disputes and doubts about the lost players.
      In addition, this will solve the problem of bots, which are used by many alliances to manage matchmaking.
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        Even if the algorithm that ran to kick people out of alliances ran on say July 1 and Jan 1, and only kicked people out of alliances that have not logged in since the algorithm ran last, it would do wonders for the searching for alliances dead wood issue.


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          Perhaps you should re-post this in the general page where it would possibly gain more views and traction? As you can see, view number in the dozens here whereas they tend to get hundreds on the main page. Granted, they rarely listen regardless but it may stir up some debate.


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            Just reminding BHG of this great advice. Removing inactive players also solves the problem of missing Alliance leaders, and also solves the problem of reducing the number of dead alliances.