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Alliance Barracks

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  • Alliance Barracks

    Hello and Happy Holiday,

    My name is RichyRich and I am currently housed in the Badrabbits Clan. I have been thinking about a new idea for some time now and I would love your input on this. I would like to get an “Alliance Barracks” installed on this platform. Coming from a platform called Plarium, they were always open to suggestions and I hope you hold this one close to you. Because it takes some time to get alliance members to donate troops, it is because of this that I will give up and leave the game only to be attacked instead of burning my attacks up for a fresh restart. This would allow for players to pitch in troops to the Alliance Barracks, whatever they want and the perks rule will still apply. The donated troops will still become the age that you are currently perked out at as an alliance. This is a huge idea and has gotten positive feedback across the Dominations spectrum. Hope to hear back about this soon. Take care

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    Simply put, it is proposed to make separate Alliance troops to defend in the city center and other Alliance troops to attack in the barracks. Why not?


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      Well alliance troops can stay in alliance gate instead of Town Center . That way they will be immune from any attack .


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