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  • Medal drop

    I would love to see a drop a 1000 medals tab

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    Indeed. Since BHG loves to monetize every little thing I would even pay crowns, provided it's a reasonable amount, to drop medals. A few weeks ago it made no sense. There are bad level 220+ cwa bases no doubt, but they weren't bad enough to spend an hour or a crown ransom medal dropping to get to. Now that the cwa floor has been drastically reduced by 40 medals? Perhaps.

    The larger point being that this game has an inexplicable addiction to tedium, needless complexity and nickel and diming which really holds it back. If wars are the money maker then why do the devs feel the need to put up all these tedious, unfun roadblocks to get to them? I sure as hell am not inclined to buy troop cards or artifacts if the basic process of gaining coalitions is such a chore.

    The thing that absolutely kills me is they introduced Monteczuma years ago to lessen the NTG crunch. Yet...more often than not ol' Monte will give a bonus NTG I'm maxed out on, even if I have room amongst the other 7. Now? They add a new general to alleviate their self-created and arbitrary shortage of unique resources. Whoops! But this new general requires its own arbitrary unique resource to upgrade. D'oh! The only word for it is trollgramming, and this game is inexplicably, needlessly full of it. Can't see the forest with all these damn trees in the way, y'know?
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      I agree. Nexon creates solutions to problems it created in the first place!

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    Everything that has been screwed up over the past two years (starting with the Museum) is unnecessary stuff! The game is so overgrown with ballast that it is no longer possible to cope with any players or developers. And the real problems-bugs and cheaters have not been solved
    As for medals drop tab, I agree, that would be a useful thing
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      Update to this: While a quick medal drop solution would be welcome in early ages it's seeingly useless in Space/Digital. I took the time to drop down to 400 medals yesterday on my 277 space account. It's actually more difficult to raid down there than it is at 2000 medals. I assume all the easier bases are on peace treaties and with everyone having a similar idea the only bases I'm seeing are some of the strongest, most active and hidden behind walls of defensive blessings players in the game now.

      It's gotten to the point that the #1 and 2 opponents I have to fight in our middleweight (15-17k glory) wars are actually easier than a single raid opponent. Remind me again why I'm expected to do dozens of war-style attacks in order to do 2 war attacks? This game has backed itself into such a corner with uber-defenses in late game that I'm unsure how the next age will even work when Space becomes the new floor.

      I'm glad I have multiple accounts across a spread of ages so I can still actually play the game and have my choices of opponents and medal counts actually make a difference in gameplay, because it's not happening in late game anymore.


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        This button is needed as a symbol! When the game requires us to reset the medals is not it idiotic?


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