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Add note-taking option

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  • Add note-taking option

    Hello, it would be good if you had a note-keeping feature. When upgrades take so long one has to make a priority list which considers many variables. When you log out and come back you many not recall all the variables. For example, I need to upgrade markets in time for the upcoming age rush. These would normally be a low priority so I easily forget a few days or hours later.

    Also, I am always having to screenshot war participation so I can track who is in and who is out of wars.

    You could make this an extra tab in the recommended upgrades window, there is space for another tab there.

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    It would be nice if all decisions were made for us but there are some organisational skills that we need to have. It helps in life in general.
    But I think a war list of all participants is a good idea.


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      Use a note taking app...no need to make things complicated here. to add one they may break several properly working features .


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