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Naval Dock - Please read!

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  • Naval Dock - Please read!

    I'm posting again hoping to remind someone of my original ideas from 3 years ago - still would work!
    Naval base/Coastal Defense buildings /Swedish Nation/ Vault safety deposit

    1st (most important ) In addition to the dock, There should be an option to train warships(10 -15 range from the water), aircraft carrier, and an apc style uboat for storming the beaches with a slot for a Naval General. In addition to the battleships have about 3 anti -marine beach front defensive structures and some naval traps. I would additionally include a spy submarine that would uncover naval traps and also fire sea to land missiles. The apc/style boats could be upgraded to deploy more and stronger soldiers. Having an active naval general would give an attack / defense bonus to those in its vicinity. A naval academy could be the perfect place to train war generals and other sea-specific abilities. his would complete an already amazing war game that is definitely missing the naval academy and all aspects of the sea.

    2nd idea. A safety deposit slot in vault to store high value items like diamonds, artifacts, etc.

    3rd idea Swedish nation with amazing healing abilities, Best defense/ bunker houses, quicker food and coin (caravans and farms), quicker building upgrades ,the best peace treaties(50% longer) and their legendary Airport for quicker dock trading . They also have one of the most famous aircrafts in history Saab j29 Tunnan..
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