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Sales and prices

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  • Sales and prices

    BHG, I don't know what your payment statistics show, but I can see that the players around me are throwing this game! The reason is obvious-aggressive implementation of p2w. I have a constructive proposal . Do not dump all offers for sale at once and for all. Implement a system of personal offers - the more a player pays, the more he sees offers and shopping opportunities. And those who do not pay what would have only seen the bare minimum. It will at least reduce irritation. In this way, you can apply more flexible prices as well.
    Prices are not flexible at all! Any store gives stale goods at a discount, if the player does not buy a year or two so offer cheaper to him personally. So you will understand who is willing to pay how much. Now you have one price for everything and for everyone around the world (currency conversion) is a primitive archaic trade. Have you heard of Big Mac Index at least?

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    Isn’t this what the VIP store does? I only see a few sale items since I have a low vip count.


    • Uhuru
      Uhuru commented
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      The VIP store is only a small part of the overall system of sales in the game.

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