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Collect All Button for Resources

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  • Collect All Button for Resources

    I would like to see a "Collect All" button for resources.

    The button should pop up when you click on a farm, oil well, or caravan. It should function the same way as the repair all button for traps.

    Ideally, one button would collect all three kinds of resources--oil, food, and gold. Another option would be when you collect one type of resource it collects all of that type of resource. For example, if you collect from one farm, it collects food from all farms.

    I play similar games and they have such a button.

    Clicking on each individual farm, well, and caravan doesn't add anything to the gameplay. Sometimes I miss collecting one and it's annoying.

    Community, if you think this is a good idea, post your support to this thread.

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    You know this is a good idea!


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      it is hell yeah


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        I can't pass up the opportunity to point out that this is another typical-modern-generation-I-want-things-easier-so-I-don't-have-to-bother scenario.
        Except to say I would be happy with this too!
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          Collect All option is a GOOD idea and I would be glad and happy to have this instead of clicking one by one the resources you want to collect / harvest!


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            Someone give this man a medal, this would be a nice improvement to add!


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              Yeah, adding my support for this one. Really boring having to press through all the farms and caravans all the time.


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                You are supported.


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                  Nooooooo, collecting food, gold, and oil is my zen thing. I even spread them out all over the place so I have to wander around the map to collect them.

                  Idea supported, please make it happen!
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                    Another problem, why on earth am I being prompted to harvest after 300 food or gold? That’s absolutely nothing if you’ve played this game for more than an hour. I’m pretty sure it’s still only about 1,000 food/gold at which point you see the collect notification in Atomic. I think that’s the major reason everyone is annoyed with those things popping up.


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                      I like that
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