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Citizens Allocation

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  • Citizens Allocation


    said that there is no chance to have additional citizens unless buying the 54€ pack for the villa, it could be a great idea to have the chance to re-allocate the citizens on a particular building contruction or upgrading.
    Bascially it means that if you have a build to upgrade and it takes lets say 10 days with 4 citizens I would like the have the possibility to allocate 2 citizens and it will take 20 days, 10 days with 4, 5 with 8. This could be dynamic, so I can allocate more citizens while having nothing to upgrade, and less citizens to distribute them on other buildings during the upgrade itself.

    This will allow you to gain the discounted price for upgading, but it will take more to upgrade.

    What do you think? In case something like this is already present in another post just forgive me!


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    Not a bad idea
    "A new power is rising! Its at hand!"