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    I find myself in exactly the same position as you, Dan O. I have made an initial request and got the initial cut and paste reply, which I have batted back. Don’t know if you had any magic bullets - if so let me know! Just seems odd to prioritise the interests of someone who hasn’t played the game for a long time over those who play regularly (and contribute a bit of cash from time to time!)


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      Originally posted by Dan-O View Post
      Tinsoldier came through for the hashashin. We have a leader again

      thank you
      TinSoldier wha.. i just read this today, and i would like this done with my alliance too please. how come he gets a leader and i dont? his leader was missing for only 485 days. mine’s been missing for 1003.
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        TinSoldier - Over at LegendsLost we have been without our leader for 646 days. Some time ago, I raised the question like others in the thread above - Can you change the leader? I got the brush off at that time......basically you said you couldn’t intervene. We have carried on, but periodically new recruits raise it as a real issue. We would start a new alliance, but that would mean that we would forfeit the hard work that has got us to Level 10. My questions are: (1) why prioritise the interests of someone that hasn’t played the game for nearly two years (and almost certainly never will) over the interests of 40+ players who play regularly and no doubt spend a bit of money (2) if you cannot change the leadership, how about allowing us to set up LegendsLost2 with L10 status?