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  • Peace Treaty Reduction

    I'm level 295, Digital Age, and attack 10-5 times per day. Almost every time I log in my base has been wiped once, the first time I log in for the day it's been wiped 2-3 times. I've been able to continue restocking enough to keep upgrading, but I probably play a lot more than most players. I know this is super frustrating for lower-level players and casual players. Dependable players in the alliance I lead are 'taking a break' or even quitting. BHG, please reverse this decision otherwise the problem of finding attackable bases will get a lot worse because more and more will stop playing.

    I also think the new Ranking system needs improvement. I tried to be competitive the first week, I even burned an instant retrain blessing on the first weekend. I made it as high as #3, but getting 10 or more five-star wins daily isn't enough to keep me in the top ten. I'm going to give up on it because it's too time consuming to compete for the mediocre rewards of tier 5, much less the higher tiers. I can get better rewards as a free participant in the events while spending a lot less time.

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    These BHG guys everytime they come out with something new they causing more problems...useless triumph leaderboard lead to lower x3 the peace treaty time (great idea 🙄)...and that brings more problems than ever. Just accept that you guys didnt think well with this triumph s*it and reverse everything.


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      I agree that this really is terrible for casual players like me. I will quit the game if this is not reversed.


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        What is this games obsession with constant attacking. I like to attack on occasion and play in WWs. What is wrong with that? Best I can tell is a player has to play their new; all attack, all the time style or be crushed. I have decided to spend no more $ on this game until it is either rectified or I lose interest. Please BHG fix this.


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          Major topic here - https://forums.bighugegames.com/foru...tion-reduction


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            Maybe when my 8 year son will graduate from high school I can upgrade to digital age, but with this bull**** changes maybe my grandson's will inherit my account...

            This is by far the worst change EVER... The game is almost unplayable with the eternal timings, but now, there is no f******* way to get any resources, and the bless didn't help...

            When I wake up, at least 2 or 3 times I was raided, NO resources, not animal, not nothing, I am considering leaving this eternal game once for all...


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              Originally posted by Uhuru View Post
              For some peculiar reason, BHG have deleted this post. Not very nice of them to post the rationale behind reducing peace treaties, and then deleting the thread once they’re saw the general feedback.


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                Apologies, this is back up now! This was a mistake on my part, I was intending to remove a comment that did not adhere to the forum rules but accidentally removed the whole thread.

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              What can you expect from People who only think about how they could have us pay more and more for a game going down the drain because all bad decision
              they took. This is a war game, not a lottery, i remembrer in 2015 it was pure strategy and now its not fun anymore


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                Hey BHG-Dom crew... please stop punishing the casual and low level players (under digital). Posting here since y’all took down the post on Peace Treaty Reduction. In a pinch, the dev team should have pulled the Leaderboards rather than trash all the players’ bases who either didn’t want to participate or weren’t strong enough to resist enough attacks. Very few people can baby sit their base all day. Honestly, BHG should compensate all the players who have suffered this catastrophe a large amount of crowns or a one-time complete topping off of all resources. Please be more considerate of your player base in the future. Thanks.


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                  Totally agree. It used to be good before they decided to add that leaderboard. I wasnt being attacked much and i wasnt attacking as well. Since the leaderboard started you all know, atleast 4 or 5 times per day especially with reduced PT time.
                  Getting attacked all the time was the reason i left the game for some time years ago, looks like ill be leaving again soon.
                  They could have made this new monthly leaderboard optional and everyone who opt in fights each other and all the changes to apply to them only.


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                    Yup, they have started up the seasonal leaderboard again, they have come out with a new release, and they still have not addressed the issues that lead to the peace treaty reductions. They need to up them again to 3/4 of the original number of hours or, make other changes to rebalance the game. Things like make blessings last thru more than one attack (like Aztec temple) and shorten the time for generals to be retrained after an attack to the same time as the shortened peace treaties. This would bring some balance back so that you can go to sleep and not wake up and find that you have been attacked multiple times and your defenses total stripped bare after the first attack. You had promised to fix this stuff but it appears that nothing was done and most of what we get in this new release in the National Trade items rebalance.Common guys, there has been a lot on the forums about how unhappy people are with all this attacking going on by high level players, address the issue!


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                      Maybe give everyone a free permanent 25% LRR and move the max LRR up to 100% for the duration of the seasonal leaderboard?

                      most farmer issues are solvable by having a high LRR benefit.


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