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University leader Sun tsu: what do you want him to do

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  • University leader Sun tsu: what do you want him to do

    They introduced info age early and hopefully that's the last age and they can fix other aspects of the game.

    They done the alliance speed up, and the parliament. All that leaves is the cyclical wars and Sun tsu.
    I want them to be one update and im more excited for this than the new age but what do you think sun tsu will do?

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    Nothing! In five years of playing, I studied a little more than half of the University. All these innovations are relevant only for cheaters, and they only throw normal players back more and more.


    • Wicked Lord
      Wicked Lord commented
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      I know many "normal" players who finished most of the useful stuff in Uni

  • #3
    Oh, hopefully some more Plane stuff.


    • #4
      I hope for something war related and not just +10% - 30% on various units/buildings.


      • King Crimson
        King Crimson commented
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        If it's Sun Tzu it will most likely be war related.

      • Dhruv patel
        Dhruv patel commented
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        cause its him, probably politics and war.

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      I want something that buffs traps


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