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why do we need a facebook connection?

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  • why do we need a facebook connection?

    I neither use facebook login nor do i even have an facebook account at all.
    Nevertheless the android app (try to) establish multiple connections to faccbook e.g. graph.facebook.com and www.facebook.com and continuously repeat these connection.

    Why the heck do you need these connections? What data do you transfer to facebook? Why is this needed?

    Obviously your ads are from *.supersonicads.com and *.unity3.com. Therefore is even no reason to connect to facebook for video ads. So please explain. According to GDPR, we have a right to know

    Leviathan Ayo TheWise

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    i use a Pi-hole to track and clean up my network traffic. within 2 hours, there are over 1100 blocked attempts to connect to facebook while only 850 connections to domination, nexon *and* bhg in total.


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      Are you sure these requests are coming from Dominations? Not to deny it, I use Pi-hole and Adguard DNS filters, but there's no way of telling what app generates the requests, only the device. You'd need to track that on the device to be sure. I also agree, if the game is making these connections to facebook, we have the right to know exactly what kind of data it is sending. It probably is illegal to share it without our consent first.


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        I would like to know what is being shared with who, and why since I didn't give you my consent.
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          i don't blame random persons/companies.

          sponge i know that pi-hole only list the device. Therefore i started an investigation.
          i set up an empty virtual device and an virtual device with domi running and analysed the traffic with wireshark. The facebook traffic is only with domi running.
          then i installed packet capture on virtual device (there you can select to capture only packages from a single app) . Here you can see that SSL encrypted connections to subdomains from facebook are established. E.g. the domains mentioned above or something like "edge-star-shv-01-frt3.facebook.com" (with IP
          But i cant find the send data without intruding these encryption. Maybe this should be the next steps?

          PLEASE recognize that YOU ( Leviathan, TheWise , @Ayo) have to answer. You can say, that you will check and answer later, but you have to move.
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            Also i think that game startup is a bit longer with blocked facebook. but i can block facebook only in local network. On cellular the game connect to facebook against my will


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              Hm, today a had a closer look.
              The packages looks like the first examples from here: https://fahrplan.events.ccc.de/congr...count%29-3.pdf
              Along some time stamps, event names and md5-hashes there are several IDs like _session_id, anon_id, advertiser_id
              additional there is "advertiser_tracking_enabled=true" and "application_tracking_enabled=true"
              Then there are data like my device name, Android version, screen resolution, location, timezone and some "magic numbers" i can not explain yet.
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                Ayo Leviathan you don't want to answer? okay - and additionally no Privacy Policy online - seems like i have to reach national authorities to force you (and maybe they will sue you too)

                BTW for all who are interested in this thread. CS didn't respond too.


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                  This is too sad to read, backdoor scripts are working fine and buggy gameplay is on the edge of playability 🙁


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