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Remove trash troop cards, they cause lags! Sort troop cards by Age.

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  • Remove trash troop cards, they cause lags! Sort troop cards by Age.

    Pirates, shooters, and so on.. free troop-cards containing 35 weak units are not only useless for high-lvl bases (they die immediately) but also cause lags in the game! Leave these TC's available only for low-level players. Exclude them for level 150+ players and SORT ALL THESE CARD BY AGE! It is very absurd to throw archers into battle against tanks.

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    Sort by level works alright already; feels like you're making a mountain out of a molehill.

    How about you start using your low level cards in MP; or donate to war bases that otherwise won't be donated to (people tend to panic a bit in battle no matter what comes from the SH; to distract planes for a brief moment in the very least).


    • Uhuru
      Uhuru commented
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      There is no difference where these TC go on the battlefield, MP or citadel defense. They are: 1. Useless, 2. Cause the lag.

    • domas
      domas commented
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      Idk what wars you have, but they are never useless as something happens to the attacker. The ymabe have a minor influence only but they will slow down troops and if Sabo is used for SH, the attacker has one less.

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    Or, have them available in VIP store as trade for other items


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      or crafting better TC
      e.g. combine two level 2 cards and receive one level 3 card
      or combine a archer card with a siege card and receive a conquistador army


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        Thx for comments to all. If you like these garbage troops clogging up the troop bar and causing lags, I wish you enjoy them further. I am sure that BHG will give you this opportunity )) so don't worry everything will remain as it is despite my stupid suggestions. Just do not advise me how to use them, I'm the fifth year in the game, DA298 now.


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          I've also been here since April 2015 and over 290. But I collected almost all troops tactics and often have the same card in varios levels. For example, assassins from level 2 to 8. At least 7 (up to 23) each. But the small levels are useless, even for distraction as suggested above.
          My suggestion was to combine cards. First, that would significantly reduce the total number of cards. So clearer for the user and not quite as often annoyance for attackers. Second, reduce the number of troops on the map. If you connect a rifle card (e.g. 35 Hwarang) to a siege card (e.g. 4 Hwacha) and receive 1-2 cards of conquerors (1 Bombard and 4 Tercio). ... maybe there are even better crafting recieps.
          But maybe it would be much easier if new types of troops were not constantly added and the existing ones merged. 2 types of ranged infantery are enough (at least for me). I don't need slinger, Colonial Ranger, Hwarang, Finnish Ski Infantry, Fire Lance, Green Jackes, ... and so on. (maybe I'm through a quarter of my A-Z sorted troops.) Of course, also the other types of troops.
          That would probably reduce the loading times and jerking significantly.