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Who to sit?

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  • Who to sit?

    How do you decide who to sit from war when you have too many available? We have 43 members in our alliance, and most want to be in war. We decide who to sit based on the following
    1. Alt accounts
    2. Last logon more than 2 days ago
    3. No attacks in previous war
    4. Only 1 attack in previous war
    Then it gets tricky. We don't have an official policy, I just go by who I think has contributed the least to the alliance I've the past few weeks. I look at donation ratio, how late they made their 1st attack in the last war, how active they are in chat.

    What criteria do you use? Or what system? We tried rotating players, but it's a lot of admin what with players going on vacation then wanting to be in extra wars to make up for the ones they missed.
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    This may sound cold but I look at it as a a competitive sports team , starters , rotating bench players, (good players but a separation from the starters) the subs (players of specific ages and levels to get a balanced war , and the future prospects (rough players who need to work on many areas to be considered for war .


    • King Crimson
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      That's not cold, that's very logical.

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    I do all of the above + I try to have a logical combination of attackers and defenders. I always try to have at least 4 good attacker. Usually 2 of them will go full offence and the other 2 full defence
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      There is no victory without discipline. Therefore, the rules are:
      - Two attacks are required,
      - the first attack within 12 hours,
      - the target is assigned (agreed or by default).
      Violators on the next war are not allowed until there is a request from him in the chat. (Then a conversation is held with him about the rules). For Repeated violations of the rules, you may be excluded from the Alliance.


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        For us it's relatively simple. In a typical 30 war I have 9-12 people Digital-Industrial who know what they're doing, follow a plan and can be counted on to do both attacks. In other words, the people who actually win most of our wars. Another 6-9 who follow plans, always show up, but are still hit or miss on execution. The rest are typically what we call interns, but the more pragmatic might call sandbags. Merely by clicking in for wars and having a base that isn't an instant 5 stars they've done their part. Anything we get from these folks is a bonus. On the rare occasion we have to sit folks they usually come from the middle or bottom tier.

        By the way, sorry that I missed your visit to Drinkin Academy, Tsamu. The real world has thrown me a few curve balls as of late and I think I've managed to log in maybe five times since Thanksgiving. Still, I'm honored that you stopped by our humble abode even if we didn't get a chance to exchange recipes. Hopefully the stars will align better during your next Domication.

        Should you happen to swing by again ask for, or check for Tbo.com. When I'm active, I'm really active, when I'm not it may be weeks before I show up again.

        Off topic: But this forum seems really dead as of late. I know we just got through the holidays but I'm seeing posts on the front page from early December still. Probably best not to read too much into it, I suppose.
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        • Tsamu
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          I'm sorry I missed you too. I enjoyed my walkabout, and will probably make it an annual thing.

          My read on the forums being quiet is that there is less to complain about. The game seems stable, war matchmaking is better, the new event system is a vast improvement, and the VIP store gives us the ability to trade all those useless researchers and benefactors. There hasn't been an OP unit or tactic introduced in the past few months, and nerfs have not been game changing.

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        There are players who if opted, you do not drop no matter what. (Good defenders and your core attackers)
        Then make a team around it to fit whoever opted in. Those who are benched are in this order:
        - No war attacks (login probably last 24h not logged)
        - Failure to follow war plan (targets or coalitions)
        - Occasional warers (opting in and out randomly)
        - Only one war attack.
        - Alts (only if they are not in undroppable category)

        Newcomers who do not follow the above are also benched. Additional rules such as
        - Not making a proper war base.
        - Not using proper war troops (factory) will get them benched.


        • Tsamu
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          Good point about not having a proper war base. I will use that

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