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Game will not load crash in loading screen

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  • Game will not load crash in loading screen

    BHG_Muet TinSoldier the game for many is just crashing while trying to load

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    I was just about to post the same thing. The BHG logo comes up but then it crashes and returns me to the iOS home screen. This has been happening for 3-4 hours for me.


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      The team has found the underlying bug and made the correction that caused players from being unable to enter the game.

      It may take some time for this fix to populate in all regions and across all devices. If you are still unable to access the game after a little while, please reach out to our CS team via the web here:

      Thank you for your patience!
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        I had the same problem, I format install again nothing, so I try something deferent, I went and download an older version of the game, once I install it it load up and start doing the update, and suddent the nice icon saying good news a new update is out, I ingrote it did not click OK and I Lett in the background for domination to finish its normal update once finise I just close the apk and open again. And I got to my game with no problems. Try it.


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