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What device 2020?

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  • What device 2020?

    It's a new year and a new decade*, so I thought it would be nice to get some suggestions for what device to play on. Please let us know if you have found some good hardware and what the playing experience is like.

    I just got a Teclast T30 (andhttps://www.gearbest.com/phone-call-tablets/pp_009271558175.html?wid=1433363) and it's my new favorite device. I prefer Android because of the easy account switching compared to iOS, but my Asus Zenpad 3S 10 was getting long in the tooth. The T30 is much faster and the 16:10 screen let's me see more of a base.

    * I used to argue that there was no year zero, so the new decade doesn't really start until 2021, but I got tired of fighting overwhelming opinion.
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    Yeah for me on iOS it takes 2 swipes and 17 taps to switch accounts :/


    • Tsamu
      Tsamu commented
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      I have an iPad and I feel your pain. Apart from that the gaming experience is great, with one exception. It seems to miss my taps a little more than my Android tablets. That is, when I choose another unit in the troop bar, it doesn't register about 20% of the time, so I have to double check before looking back to the battle.

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    Save your Game Center credentials in keychain, then it takes just few taps to change accounts. Switching back to main Apple id is even quicker, single toggle on/off switch. Any iOS device released in last 2-3 years will handle this game much better than any Droid device on the market.


    • Cannibals
      Cannibals commented
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      That’s my count with keychain: 2 swipes and 17 taps. It is annoying how I must enter something in the username field first then Next in order for the password field to show up and accept keychain credentials. That new hurdle was introduced over the last two iOS versions. Before that it was really easy :/

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    I have 5 accounts, all in one device. I switch between each account in 3 taps and it is super fast. My device is xiaomi pocophone F1. A somewhat older smartphone but very fast
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      I'm wondering how you can play this game on yourз mobile phone. It's not possible for me


      • Tsamu
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        I agree. Even the supersized phones of today aren't big enough. I can play my lower age accounts on an 8 inch tablet, but 10 inches is better. No "that's what she said" jokes please.

      • wrathchild_78
        wrathchild_78 commented
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        rofl...its the way you handle your equipment.....not the size!!! hahahaha

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