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Thank you for clearing cheaters

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  • Thank you for clearing cheaters

    Thank you BHG for clearing out the hundreds of cheaters. Maybe even thousands? Made my day to see their sorry excuse accounts gone!

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    Well,thanks for kicking the butts of all the global leader board cheaters into oblivion and giving folks who spent real money and effort their rightful prizes. I had given up hope this event until I found my name in 54th spot after the culling of low life losers. Thank you.


    • JustAnotherPlayer
      JustAnotherPlayer commented
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      38th spot now. Even my alt has a top 100 spot.

    • Boldy
      Boldy commented
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      Yes, thank you BHG. Love the culling.
      would of been better prior to event end, however, super excited it's happened, in mass 👍🏻

    • lotus503
      lotus503 commented
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      Glorious day indeed over 1000 purged, lets hope they got a perma ban too.

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    I'm happy to see it! Let them start from scratch.


    • #4
      Thank you from me too. Hope the message spreads. 😍


      • #5
        Nopes. The only thing those pu**ies could muster is puny 3 day bans...Where are all those idiots from DP claiming they were legit and "used only like 14 days speedup and were like 1M points into the event??


        • Uhuru
          Uhuru commented
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          Are you saying that we were deceived, all these cheaters will remain in the game?

      • #6
        its a good thing they got removed from the leaderboard but I would like to have an official response as to what actions were taken against them.
        Greek Myrmidons
        Ψαχνουμε παικτες για πολεμους απο επιπεδο 100 και πανω.


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          Oh, Yes! Tinsoldier, we are looking forward to your comments.


          • #8
            Here's my take on all those butthurts who're ranting because they had their secret
            cheat accounts purged. ROFLMBAO!

            p/s Wish you had used your main accounts...


            • No Angel
              No Angel commented
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              What is the B on your ROFLMBAO ? 🤭

            • Rogue Squirrel
              Rogue Squirrel commented
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              I'm guessing 'Bloody'