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What this game needs

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  • What this game needs

    First, my new strategy for my newly minted IA base is to stay close to 200 medals and loot GA hacked citizen bases for the 3600 domination bonus. every 15th base or so is hacked! While I appreciate the free oil, that’s really depressing that there are so many hacked bases. Cheating in wars sucks too. Nexon needs to eliminate cheating.

    Second, wars are great team events, but they are not enough to keep active players interested.
    Some ideas for team events are:
    have a special museum stuff and tactics for for generals to competed together
    Tower defense
    have a special museum stuff and tactics, quickly lay down buildings and troops to defend or attack defensive buildings

    both of those can be mp and pvp or against other players

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    I agree that wars aren’t enough to keep active players engaged. Two attacks every two days isn’t enough, especially when the attacks are not challenging due to war mismatches. But I think rather than adding new battle modes, it might be better to go back and fix the problem that medals mean nothing. Give players enough incentive to excel in everyday multiplayer and then they will have something meaningful to do between wars.


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      I agree, things need fixing... I have 2 accounts, and I played a lot with them over the holidays. I was hanging out at the 200 to 300 medal range, and my strategy was to attack hacked bases where almost all buildings were being upgraded... a great way to get easy Rss, but really disheartening that so many cheaters are allowed in this game. I found at least 200 hacked bases!

      on another note, how about a bonus round to wars, like 5 star all bases in your age, and 5 star all bases 1 age above your level, etc. this would be additional rubies or fragments ... that would make wars more interesting


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        We are showing the same topic in a circle. Already wrote and repeat this for BGH: game forcing players to specifically reset the medals is not the right game. Think about it!


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          What this game needs?

          It is known that - REMOVE CHEATERS!!! Everything else later.
          And how am I not tired of writing this?


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            Originally posted by Net55 View Post
            What this game needs
            A new owner. Nexon should sell BugHugeGames to another company who cares and willing to take this game forward and curb on P2W aspect of this game.

            Lord Stark leader of D͓̽ґѧ⒢өηṧ†øn̥ͦΣ


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              Originally posted by LordStark263AC View Post
              ...who cares and willing to take this game forward and curb on P2W aspect of this game.
              It's almost too good to be true... But, we will hope and wait and we won't pay until then


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