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  • WW search

    WW search been running for 24 hours with no match yet.
    Anyone else having the same issue?

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    In a perfect world this would be a feature and not a bug; in that it should search a long time rather than settle for a bad match. Fact is, there aren't a zillion alliances looking for war... especially true during the holiday season, and even more especially true for 20+ war searches.


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      Indian Army HQ (Alliance Level 12, 17K+ glory) looking for WW Players

      We invite all Active WW focused players across the world to join INDIAN ARMY HQ alliance. We are currently 40+ active players donating round the clock and waging wars every alternate day.
      We win 90% of world wars. Alliance is Open to all (from iron age to space age) as long as you are an active player and willing to learn. We coordinate/guide over WhatsApp group (not mandatory to join) but WW plans are posted in game chat as well. Promotions are strictly based on merit, and overall contributions to the alliance, not based on level. Check us out!


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