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Winter for the Ages 2019-2020!

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  • Winter for the Ages 2019-2020!

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    Beginning 14:00 UTC 12/2/19 and running throughout the winter season, you’ll be able to find progressive discounts as we move through the Ages. Each Age will receive its own 'feature period' when the discounts apply. Classical Age's feature period is one week long (from 12/2 - 12/9) while all other Ages are two week periods, sharing time with the Age before and the Age after. Expect the Classical & Medieval upgrades to be available one week, followed by the Medieval/Gunpowder split week, and then the Gunpowder/Enlightenment feature week, and so on.

    Please note: While the discounts for each age takes place for 2 weeks, the instant upgrade for the Town Center to move out of that age takes place during the entire period! Be sure to check each post (when information becomes available) as well as in-game messages.

    Be sure to check the discount list carefully! You don't need to be in the age shown to have building discounted if it's the proper level. Plan accordingly!

    In the coming weeks, we'll be announcing production bonuses and other fun events for the winter, so be sure to follow us on all of our social channels for the latest updates and announcements.

    Advance with us each week to see the new discounts. Make this winter one for the ages!

    Classical (12/2 - 12/9):
    Medieval (12/2 - 12/16):
    Gunpowder (12/9 - 12/23):
    Enlightenment (12/16 - 12/30):
    Industrial (12/23 - 1/6):
    Global (12/30 - 1/13):
    Atomic (1/6 - 1/20):
    Cold War (1/13 - 1/27):
    Space (50% discount): coming soon!
    Space (25% discount): TBA

    Play Now!
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    Awesome, thank you 👍🏼


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      great news. Thx
      Greek Myrmidons
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        Looks like my Lord Stark account is going to be Digital Age. 😏😎 and my Lord Tywin account Cold War Age. 😏😎

        Lord Stark leader of D͓̽ґѧ⒢өηṧ†øn̥ͦΣ and Ðŕɇѧᵭᚨⱒꝶṫ


        • wrathchild_78
          wrathchild_78 commented
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          11K. its the max age

        • LordStark263AC
          LordStark263AC commented
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          Great. In that case I will be going up to Digital Age.

        • LordStark263AC
          LordStark263AC commented
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          I changed my mind. I'll be staying as Space Age and will work on my defences.

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        TinSoldier what do you mean by "the instant upgrade for the Town Center to move out of that age takes place during the entire period"? My TC still shows the 15 days upgrade time.


        • King Crimson
          King Crimson commented
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          If it's the Industrial rush, as an example, it's instant upgrade from Enlightenment to Industrial for 2 weeks then it's instant upgrade from IA to Global another 2 weeks. But remember the overlap in the middle.

          ''Upgrade your Town Center from Enlightenment Age into Industrial Age instantly (14:00 UTC 12/16 until 14:00 UTC 12/30) and from Industrial Age into Global Age instantly (14:00 UTC 12/23 until 14:00 UTC 1/6/2020)''
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        TinSoldier can we get an update on the schedule for the remaining ages? Thanks!

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        • joelegiao
          joelegiao commented
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          I believe spage age will start on the 20 and digital on the 27...if they follow their logic

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        I have a question. Will there now be discounts for DA (in particular a quick transition to DA) or it will stop at SA?


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          @TinSoldier please update timeline