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    April 2015. Lvl 305 DA and 263 SA.


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      Hello guys,
      September 2016, 252AA, not fan of age speeding never had any issue with resources and I have never spent a cent on this...

      Still getting sick of lags and game crashes in MP/WW or during watching free crown videos.

      GL to all


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        Happy new year, Vets! 🥳🍻🎉
        Improvise. Adapt. Overcome.


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          In 4 months time it'll be Dominations' 5th year anniversary.

          Lord Stark leader of D͓̽ґѧ⒢өηṧ†øn̥ͦΣ and Ðŕɇѧᵭᚨⱒꝶṫ


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            I have been playing this game since august 2015☺️
            I joined The 1st Dynasty a month later and been there since. Besides an awesome game I met many great people in the game over the years.
            For that im grateful🙏

            Wish you all well... But see you om the battlefield!

            The 1st Dynasty
            Rise and rise again, until lambs become lions

            Are you seeking to compete on the highest level in the game while having a lot of fun with players from every part of the world?


            • Jakob_888
              Jakob_888 commented
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              And now im level 275, digital age✌️

            • LordStark263AC
              LordStark263AC commented
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              You failed to mention you're a leader of The 1st Dynasty. Level 275, you're a small fry compared to all your other members. 🤪

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            April 2015 - 267 SA.

            its the most commitment I’ve put into anything!


            • Uhuru
              Uhuru commented
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              So you still have everything ahead of you!