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How to Effectively Combat the Cheating Issues

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  • How to Effectively Combat the Cheating Issues

    How to Effectively Combat the Cheating Issues

    I am RushSkies and I've been playing for about 1 year and 4 months now and still at Enlightenment Age - Level 119. I've seen so many cheating problems not only in this game but in every online game in different form and in large quantities. Here, I would like to present some suggestion for players, alliance leaders, alliance members and Nexon and BHG developers.

    First off let's learn about the nature of the problem itself before we can begin to fix the issue.

    act dishonestly or unfairly in order to gain an advantage, especially in a game or examination.
    Cheating in video games
    involves a video game player using non-standard methods to create an advantage or disadvantage beyond normal gameplay, in order to make the game easier or harder. Cheats may be activated from within the game itself (a cheat code implemented by the original game developers), or created by third-party software (a game trainer) or hardware (a cheat cartridge). They can also be realised by exploiting software bugs, but if it is really cheating is also matter of common knowledge. Software bugs are very often considered software features and as long as they are common knowledge, it is questionable whether it is cheating.
    Different Types of Cheating (Commonly found in Dominations)
    • Third-Party Software Cheating
    • Bug Exploit Cheating
    Third-Party Software Cheating

    Third-Party Software Cheating the basic yet the most damaging cheating method of the two. This software can make cheater get an unlimited amount of crowns, golds, foods, troops any kind of resources within the game. This software is made by a third-party in which they do profit via advertisements in form of Pop-ups and Compensation Methods such as numbers of clicks, engagements and views in exchange for the said illicit software product. This illicit program has been constantly updated adjacent to the version of the game.

    This kind of cheating is almost accessible to all which you can find by just merely Googling the words "Dominations" and "Cheat". This cheat both destroy the balance and the fun of the gameplay experience within the game. Everyone can access the cheating program if they just want without any further a do.
    Bug Exploit Cheating
    Bug Exploit Cheating is a cheating method in which you took a knowledge of ingame bugs as a means of taking advantage over another player that does not have any access to such knowledge of the bug. However, bug exploit does not affect the balance of the game as long as other players have knowledge about the exploit but it do severely affects the fun in gameplay.

    The best example is the Close App Exploit in which players during multiplayer battles intentionally close the app or the game to save the medals yet still manage to get the loots at the same time. As I've mention, exploit does not affect the overall balance of the game since almost everyone are doing it nowdays but it do affect the joy of the gameplay.

    Another one which is the Stacking Layout Exploit in which player stacks and pack their base and defense in a small area gaining advantage from the attackers or rendering them unmotivated to execute such attacks. This is a recent exploit but I still do encounter some of this. And this exploit is very unpopular because it affect the
    aesthetics of the base.
    The Cheater

    This topic I will discuss on who are the cheaters and why cheaters cheats. If we know the root and cause of this problem we can address this problem effectively.
    Why Cheater cheats?
    Most developer counter cheating via implementing complicated security codes and other computery stuff but it is least mention about the behavior of the cheater itself.This are the common reason cheaters cheat:
    • They want to get complimented.
    Some players just want to get attention or the feeling of belongingness from others. Most this type of players most probably don't have any attention in real life in which they can only get via playing video game or online interactions. This cheaters just need some hug.
    • They are stuck.
    Let's admit it. The game progress is really long in which some of us detach ourselves from honest game to leap over the long and tedious grinding process. Plus it cost to much buck just to progress in the game. Competing with huge bucks of crowns vs free crowns is a no competition. Some developers should think ways to further improve their crown sales via "Theory of Elasticity". I won't explain it here, just google it
    • They are bored with the game.
    Most us just want to get into some really fun pack action under the blazing guns of glory. Waiting for long hours is tedious and boring especially if you're playing this game without any alternatives.
    • They want to play like a God.
    Inspired by GTA fans, being a God-like is really fun. Marking your supremacy over others is extremely fun.....just for a while after you get bored and wait for another update.
    • They want to be a jerk.
    Alas, this devious type cheater are the worst of all. They laugh there way as there on path of demise and destruction. This sadistic players takes pleasure by making you cry.

    Common traits of a cheater in game
    • There walls are max out.
    • Two of general during attacks are level 30 (maxed out).
    • They use tactics extensively.
    • They are the most idle players of all. You will frequently notice there medal league is empty (portraying there inactivity and waiting for the next update).
    • Not surprisingly dumb attackers. Most of them just drop all troops without thinking and the use of rally is not effective. (Telling that cheaters were mostly inexperience gamers.)
    • When they do join an alliance with astounding level of 160-175, they do say that they created their account for about 2-3 months which is most likely a lie. (or a rich dumb kid)
    How to deal with the Cheaters

    There are different ways to Discourage a player from cheating within the game.

    As a player....
    • As much as possible, try to report any cheating activity to the Customer Support.
    • In submitting reports try give them all the necessary details such as name and screenshot of the offender.
    • In multiplayer battles, don't attack them. Even if they had a huge amount loot. To discourage cheaters don't give them any 'fun or engagement' to deter them.
    • Also from above so you can't get Revenge back.
    As an alliance leader or member...
    • Try to root out possible cheaters from your alliance. Interview them when they did start playing the game and how they manage to get in there current level. If in doubt, its best not admit them. It's best that not to give cheaters the fun of being in an alliance (A good one).
    • More likely if the method above works, it is possible that cheater will form their own cheating alliance does making a one big catch if one ever caught out.
    • Talk to other alliance leaders and rely name of cheaters to blacklist them from hopping to other alliances.
    • Convey with group of trusted alliances and make a coalition against cheaters.
    As an supporter/backer/casher...
    • Purchase crown as means of supporting the game. We all do love the game but if we want the game to grow and expand, they need some additional fund which they will gain as you purchase some crowns.
    • The crowns you purchase will make the game have more improvements in features, services and security along with it.
    • Let us not forget that Nexon and BHG is not a foundation, its a business. Without any supporter we will never have any free game at all.
    • If you do however can't purchase crowns, support the game by inviting some of your friends in game which might in turn they themselves back the game.
    As a forumist...
    • Talk and discuss about cheating problems and how to collectively resolve it.
    • Ranting about cheating is a big no no. Not just it is annoying, you're making honest players, moderators and developers to completely ignore you. Try a more subtle and logical way of expressing and solving this problem.
    • Always observe Forum etiquette at all times.
    As a developer...
    • Try to be more visible rather than hiding with this problem. It's better to engage and discuss with this problem than to dodge them.
    • Transparency is the key. There should be a list of names bans every months. Most of online games disclosed this information to the gamers.
    • Actively update security measurements.
    • Always be two steps ahead from cheaters and the third-party software designers.
    • Be attentive and open to any criticism.
    • Competing against free crowns is serious enough. Try a better alternative such as Black Friday Sales, Summer Sales, that is Scheduled so honest players could save and anticipate the purchases. (Refer to Steam Sales) You can also make Sales such as Peace Treaty Saturday Sales, Monday Raider Sales, Blessing Holy Week Sales, Christmas Diamond Sales etc. Be creative and imaginative.
    • Make the game more dynamic and active during the idle hours such as making more Events and Features in game.
    • Try IP blocking, to counter the "Second Cheating Accounts".
    • Scan any suspicious level of activities such as ratio of account level/time of account creation, frequency of crown usage on extreme usage, spikes of resources in short amount of time etc.
    • Scan suspicious player such as players with max out walls and generals about there purchase history. It easy to root the cheaters this way just by tracking there purchase history.
    • Rightfully compensate players that been rooting out cheaters but careful not to always do so for it might be exploited.
    • Make an alliance somewhat responsible if one of there members cheating such as banning an alliance for a day on Wars. This will encourage alliances to take out cheaters from the group. It will also make a clear divide among honest alliance vs cheating alliance.
    This still not complete version yet. I will edit this to add for more of your insights and suggestions. You may free to suggest revisions and criticize the topic above.

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    I guess we can add cheaters being complete tools to the list. Anyways, a well written post.


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      Ban the emulator.
      Create a dummy level wall and general that will give signal to the developer to check the player that already achieve that wall.
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        Really excellent post; this is how you constructively keep a serious issue in the spotlight. Thanks, RushSkies


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          Well I would also like to suggest a separate thread to discuss and trial to blacklist cheaters. In this thread were free to submit a petition to players into blacklist and the accused player may however put to trial to defend his case if necessary. Blacklisted player are recommended to refrain them to join from an alliance. It not just developer responsibility to take care of the cheating issue but we do as well for we are affected the most.


          Personally I play at Bluestacks for convenience so I disagree. Cheating is not only present in the emulator but to mobile and tablets as well for instance rooting the device. Also not all players who have rooted device are not considered a cheater.


          It's kind of a habit when I open thread to put in a very constructive manner. Thanks.


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            Just a bump for Ironangel and Seraphine.


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              Great post and very constructive, just what we need. I haven't experienced cheaters as much, and I am roughly same level as you, but I suppose you have been playing longer and have seen more.


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                Honestly this was the best way to put it. And It does so with a purpose.


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                  RushSkies, that is an excellent post. It is based on facts, has a positive message and makes a lot of sense. It looks like you took a lot of time and effort to put it together. Thanks for the post. I am in total agreement with you.

                  However there is one slight problem. If you look at Nexons actions over the past 10 months or so, not there words but there actions, you will see that Nexon does not care about the same things we do, for if the did the game would not be where it is today.

                  Its not that Nexon is ignorant on what to do to please there honest paying customers and deal with the cheater issue. it is that Nexon has made a business decision to delay and ignore the problem. It must be financially advantageous to them to do so or they would have addressed the cheater issue by now.

                  On the bright side, well kind of a bright side if you can call it that, the problem seems to be reaching a point where even Nexon is having a hard time ignoring it so maybe it will force them to finally take some action.

                  We will see, time will tell.


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                    RushSkies This was a very well written post and I appreciate you sharing your thoughts and feelings!

                    I've stated before that we work hard with BHG to combat the cheaters as quick as we can, though sometimes that isn't as quick as we or the community would like. Rest assured that we actively ban cheaters each day, and are constantly working behind the scenes to improve upon our security measures on the back end.

                    Player reports to our Support team both for finding suspects, or for players who even find the cheat software itself, is VERY helpful, so please keep sending in reports!


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                      I must admit that I reported a cheat the other day and thought I'd check him the next day. I seem unable to search individual players these days for some reason but I checked the alliance he was in and he was no longer there so I presumed he had either been kicked from his alliance or, hopefully, completely kicked out of the game!


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                        Good post.
                        To catch a cheater, you will have to have scripts running on your database to find things that cannot be.
                        For example:
                        A cheater attacks me and gets twice the loot he should have earner.
                        This is possible, cause its probably the device of the cheater that is sending the attack data to the server, so the data stream on that device tells the server 'I won, got this amount of loot and used this army against defender who used this army'. The server then uses that information to update the data of the defender too.

                        If there would be a script on the database that would check that info (ok, so you won 800 K gold, but hey, that other user only has 200.000 gold in his stores, so that doesn't add up), then you should be able to capture and deal with that.
                        What a good measure could be, is cut the data in half or send it twice. Send battle data to the server halfway the battle and repeat that process at the end of the battle.
                        If those 2 data streams would be compared and just do not add up to normal gameplay, then you probably have a cheater on your hand. (lets say, halfway the battle there is no quick victory star but at the end suddenly there is, thats just not possible).
                        Dunno if this is done already...

                        It does mean an extra load on the database and the organisation, cause it means you actually have to do something with the info you've gotten. You cannot just automatically ban the supposed cheater, cause it could also be a game glitch, but you could send that info to a department which manually looks into it.

                        Whatever system or game one make, its never ever gonna be cheater free, but if enough time and effort is used (aka money) then it is possible to rule out a lot of cheaters.


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                          Despite multiple reports and specific and concrete evidence, the main response is that the cheater will be "investigated". Weeks later, same response.
                          USAE Elite


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                            Player number three below is a major hacker making most of his players level 175. We know how he does it, have reported him and his accomplices numerous times, and this team keeps climbing the charts... We offered concrete, step by step evidence and the response was "thank you, we will investigate..." Really?
                            USAE Elite


                            • Ravenlord
                              Ravenlord commented
                              Editing a comment
                              I like how their alliance says ''Language - Clean'' - yet their tactics are just the opposite ...

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