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Looking for members: The Heathens

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  • Looking for members: The Heathens

    We’re currently recruiting people to join our War Squad so that we can begin our first War as soon as possible. The aim for our Alliance (The Heathens) is to find people who want to play the game socially and have fun doing it. the current members came from a former alliance where the leaders were rude, abusive and over demanding of the players. Our intention is to create an alliance that is based on cooperation and friendliness where the leaders don’t boss the ally’s around. If we can build up this alliance, we will be doing Wars constantly. We’d love to have you join us and build up our alliance into something formidable: The Heathens

    Anyone and everybody welcome! We don’t discriminate 😊

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    You know what really lame?
    Your guy joining my alliance and telling my members to join yours, below average, no Glory having alliance.
    Are you that desperate that you'd join an active, full-time alliance and tryna poach members?

    You're pathetic.

    If you carry on with this strategy, joining alliances and asking people to join you, fine but do it only if its a dead alliances that consists of 36 members and of those 2 or 3 are online. Sure. Those are alliances you should join and ask members to join you. NOT active alliances. Makes you look desperate, pathetic and a bit of a c#*t.

    Lord Stark leader of D͓̽ґѧ⒢өηṧ†øn̥ͦΣ


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