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    Since yesterday I can't start the game on my Android device. There is always a window which says that there is a new update available. When I click on update, the Google Play Store opens an there is no new update. Even de- and reinstallation did not help. Anybody with the same issue and some tips to solve?
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    I have same issue from past 4 days. Only response I got was to delete/reinstall. Haven't been able to login on iOS


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      I have a different version of the same bug. I can't login, get a stuck loading bar, and then nothing. The app just sits there. I reinstalled, cleared cache, cleared game data, and nothing worked. I even tried three different Wi-Fi networks and a cell connection. Hearing from Nexon on this would be nice. Is there a patch on the way? Eta? It has been THREE days now.......


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        Found this thread in the forum from 2018 with exactly the same issue: https://forums.bighugegames.com/foru...lable%E2%80%9D

        Seems to be a database error for the account on the server or a corrupted game file on Google Play. I tried everything with two different Android devices (with Android 7 and Adnroid 11): un- and reinstall of the app, different WiFis or mobile data connections, having android up to date. I even installed older apk files of the game to then regulary update the game again when the update-available-window appears. Still allways the same issue when opening the game: A window which says "New update available".

        I already contactet the support, but the only response were useless generic tips: "read the FAQ, clear cache, turn device on and off again". I really need competent help here and not a pad on the head.


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          I have the same problem with the update window. I cant play since 4 days. IT says always i should Update the game but there is no Updates to do in play store.
          Anyone know how to help? I cant play with my Main acc. But with my other acc ( and other Google play acc) i can play without Problems. But how does this works?


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            The problem is now solved. After nearly 5 days, a game master made so "adjustments" on my account and I can now log back in.


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              Same problem with the update window


              Unconfigured PHP Module