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“Resistance” library bug

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  • “Resistance” library bug

    I only just noticed this bug. Its probably been in the game for a very long time but I’ve never seen anyone mention it.

    The “Resistance” chapter of the library has a perk to make your armory spawn the unique troop of your nation upon its destruction. I am Chinese nation, so it says “Armory spawns People’s Rifleman”.

    However, upon destruction, my armory spawns tanks at the same level as my forest defenders.

    i do not think this is inteded behavior. Now that I noticed it, I realized I’ve never seen anything but tanks come from enemy Armories.

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    Are you sure you aren’t confusing it with the War Academy?


    • TheRealDimp
      TheRealDimp commented
      Editing a comment
      Yes, I was confusing it with the war academy. Turns out my war academy in my war base is in the exact same position as the armory in my main base and I wasn’t paying attention. Consider this case closed. Just tested again and the correct troops are spawning from both buildings.

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