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Storage blessing blocks resource refund artifacts.

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  • Storage blessing blocks resource refund artifacts.

    I typically leave resource refund artifacts totalling 55% when I go offline.
    If I use the storage blessing I would expect to get 55% + 27 % = 82% looted resources back which I do (sometimes)
    The problem is that when a snipe attack (typically with a high level bomber) occurs on the oil refinery it does little base total damage, often less than the 10% required to activate the storage blessing.
    Not only do you not get the 27% storage blessing refund but you get nothing at all. The non-activated blessing blocks all and any refunds that you should be entitled to due to your museum artifacts.

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    All loot refund (even from museum) requires 10% base damage... this is not specific to the storage blessing. There's wiggle room as the game seemingly doesn't track the percentage perfectly (e.g., 11% may give no refund; 9% might) but 10% is the official requirement all around.


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      Thank you,SomeRandomPlayer, for your explanation of my issue. I had never realised that the 10% requirement applied to looted resource refund artifacts as well.
      Is there any reason for this other than it’s always been that way, I’ve not seen it stated anywhere ?
      It seems totally illogical. You get attacked, resources are looted, you have artifacts in place to refund your stolen resources but you end up with nothing. To add insult to injury you also don’t get a peace treaty to prevent it from happening again.


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