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Another Cheater Today

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  • LineEcho
    started a topic Another Cheater Today

    Another Cheater Today

    Too many upgrades, 3 x tanks = 18, plus 4 oil ?

  • theBobNamedDan
    The max number of citizens is now 23.

    Embassy +3
    Chinese +1
    Sidney Opera House +1
    9 Houses +18 (DA, AA, IA = Starter Packs)

    Technically, a GP Age Chinese could have 22 ppl if they spent the money.

    18+4 = 22... that is the number I have.

    of course, looking at the picture, 18 tank depot, 12 oil wells, 8 sniper towers, 8 factories... more than 23...
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  • King Crimson
    Thanks for reporting these people but why not use this very helpful post started last month to keep all cheaters in one place.

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