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Event. Top 100 global list (millions of points) - all cheaters?

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  • Event. Top 100 global list (millions of points) - all cheaters?

    Below I just do not see, I think there are thousands of them..Cheaters or donators? BHG, enlighten us!

  • #2
    Impossible to buy that many speeds even with stupid volumes of cash.
    videos online show a 3rd party hack that replicate speed ups.
    It's stealing from BHG by making people with cash less likely to buy with real money.
    Which means less customer support because roles be made redundant because less cash for BHG


    • #3
      Again with the speed ups? There are different daily tasks to get points for the leaderboard so why are you stuck on the speedups?
      I'm not saying these people aren't cheating but you're sounding like a broken record.


      • Viperyeo
        Viperyeo commented
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        For this event, there are only 2 ways to gain points, Speed Up and Expedition. That’s what make it too obvious on the cheating. Boldly just trying to raise awareness to all, And keep up the pressure on BHG. You all are on the same page.

    • #4
      Can't you read?
      there's two ways to get extra than the 50k standard points up for grabs in this event.
      1 is 75 xp for sending a expedition
      Yes, a neat 75 per trip.
      The other is by using speed ups.

      No other method


      • King Crimson
        King Crimson commented
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        I don't know what you mean when you say 'can't you read' because all I see is you ranting about speed ups - NOTHING else.
        If you have a point to make why not make it like a sensible grown up instead of ranting at me THEN telling me the answer. Which, according, to Cannibals , is wrong. Expeditions don't affect the boards that much.
        I'm glad Nexon fixed the leaderboards but this hasn't fixed you - you're still a d!ckhead!

    • #5
      It is not expeditions. Those stop respawning after you’ve cleared the queue a couple times unless you crown the respawn timer. We learned that during the expedition citizens/time discount event. So it’s all about speedups. Don’t look at the leaderboard, it will only make you angry :#


      • #6
        Of course my question in the title of the topic is sarcasm. The dominance of cheaters is obvious. I wonder why so few people here care.. After all, there must be a storm, instead of which only a few posts


        • #7
          Oh yes! It worked indeed. Hundreds of accounts banned 👍🏻
          sadly they waited until the last minute so there was no (oooh look i might do ok)
          But yes, 100th place has dropped from 5.1 mill xp down to 836k xp.
          Thank you BHG 👍🏻


          • #8
            Again, thank you BHG! All our writing here was not in vain .
            Since I am 26,819 place in global leaderboard I want to ask if there is anyone here who scored about 1 million and how real it is at all.


            • Uhuru
              Uhuru commented
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              As I calculated 1 million points is worth about $100. Ie the current Top100 event looks quite real

          • #9
            Where are you buying 100 dollars worth of 200 days of speed ups?


            • #10
              I do not buy them at all for the second year at the beginning of the game bought the crown, if you use the crown to speed up immediately for 14 days for example, then about this calculation. (1 day approx 120 crown).
              In General, I believe that the crown is the only useful and sufficient goods in this game, it BHG could normally earn, everything else that they are trying to sell - waste of time..


              • #11
                If someone at BHG came up with the idea of this event as a way to identify and root out cheaters en masse, I say very well done.

                Even it was unintentional, many thanks for finally taking some action against the cheats.