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There is not enough room at your Mercenary Camp!

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  • There is not enough room at your Mercenary Camp!

    I can’t use cleared forest land without recruiting the uncovered mercenaries. And I can’t recruit uncovered common mercenaries unless I sacrifice my current premium mercenaries. This is becoming more of a problem with the additional VIP and video retrains.

    TinSoldier can this be made so that Recruit just puts the common mercenaries into my inventory instead? We already have these same mercenaries there from chests and other sources.

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    It''s a great suggestion and I'm happy to share it with the team!
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      A related bug is those uncovered mercenaries can also use previously cleared land if they are on the edge of newly cleared land. I remember having to adjust my base design for this reason. Here's the forum post on the subject: