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Abnormal termination on a raid while sending planes

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  • Abnormal termination on a raid while sending planes

    What a ... -.- have to write it a 2nd time because it wasn’t postet. -.-
    ok again....

    everybody knows the issue that the game has an abnormal termination while being in a raid. The support doesn’t get this I guess.

    @development team: I will do a full review on that, please read it carefully, it will be easy to fix it, if you understand what I mean!

    the situation:
    the raid is normal, everything runs to get 5 stars. Until you want to resend a plane. Fighter or bomber doesn’t matter in this case. Than, the game will give you an error message and all your troops are gone. Soldiers, factory troops, generals and you have to build them completely new, and you will have no possibility to hit the button to restore them automatically which you are doing after a normal fight. Right?

    What is the reason?
    This issue will only take place, if a plane is killed on the edge of the game field, behind the border. Normal troops are destroyed inside the the border. Planes are flying through and disappear after passing the border. If a tower or an anti aircraft gun is shooting towards a aircraft, it will take some time to hit it. If the tower is standing nearby the border, it will shoot the aircraft even it is outside the game field.
    now, your plane is disappearing and your app tells you “it is alive” the plane is available in the list to be ready for resending it to the game. The game on the other hand was calculating the hit points even the plane is outside the boarders. In some cases, the plane will be destroyed while disappearing.

    this is the main issue. We have two controversial messages. One of your application, one of the calculation of the game. The game is saying “the plane is destroyed” your app is telling you “the plane was alive while disappearing, it is available”

    as soon as you resend this dead plane, the game will crash. Attached, you the the killed plane from me. It was still available. I haven’t noticed it has been destroyed, so I resend it to the game. As soon as I have taped on the location I wanted to send it, the game was crashing.

    how to solve this:
    make sure you have no controversial statements. Maybe expanding the borders for disappearing, to have a safety distance that a plane is clearly destroyed or not.

    if you have the same issue, please send the error message and the screenshot of the exploding plane as an answer to this topic! (I forgot the error message-.-)

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    Oh nice, now it’s working with my report on this. Attached you will find the exact moment when the bug is enabled. You see the plane has been destroyed. The position of this plane is the important part of it. It is outside the game field. This is what I meant before. If I send this plane again, the error message will appear and the game will crash, even the plane is listed.


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      Oooh, this is what caused that issue!? Brilliant observations 👍🏼


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        Search for the term "crash base" and you'll see many instances and descriptions of this unfortunate bug. Many take advantage of it and design "crash bases" by putting bases / air defenses on the edges of the map. BHG is aware of the bug and either is unable to fix it, and/or considers it low priority, and/or considers it a good thing (feature not a bug).


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          Just sad to see that the community seems to do more work on analysing and exploiting it, than BHG invests time in fixing it.
          Racing conditions in the client-server area are tough jobs to fix, we understand... but this thing is out there for months!!!


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            I guess it should be easy to fix. If it is just a number, when a plane should disappear, you only have to replace this simple number. Maybe it takes a bit longer than to resend the plane. However, this should be a good deal for all of us.
            the Second: after disappearing, before it is ready for resend it, the server should ask the app or the app should ask the server „is it destroyed?” If the answer is no, than the plane should be able to go on the battle field again.
            i guess it is only half day of implement these things. That’s not a big bug. But with a huge effect on the gameplay.


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              Happens to me all the time because I'm very active on MP but being the stoic bastxxd that I'm,I'll just retrain and crown the lost troops and go in search of my next victim. This is one helluva annoying bug. It's gotta be fixed,Mr Game Developer/BHG/Nexon etc etc..


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                Thank you for the concise description of what's happening. I appreciate it as at least now I can try to watch for it.