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Forest Clearing: revealed mercenary campfires block surrounding (pre-existing) area

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  • Forest Clearing: revealed mercenary campfires block surrounding (pre-existing) area

    When clearing a forest and revealing a mercenary campfire (e.g., 'Templar Knight Campfire'), the campfire (potentially) blocks previously cleared territory. This bug causes existing buildings to unplace themselves in the map editor.

    The workaround is to use (recruit) the revealed mercenaries but often we retrain our existing mercenaries and don't want to lose those; namely when using a higher age merc gained from video or a sale that we'd end up losing forever.

    Potential fixes: either (a) don't reveal them near neighboring cleared areas so they don't leak over, or (b) don't give IA and above ages these campfires as they are all so low level and undesirable.

    Note: yes this is a low-priority bug, but it feels like an easy fix.
    Last edited by SomeRandomPlayer; 08-12-2019, 12:09 PM. Reason: Added potential fixes

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