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Training Bless Ending Sooner Than One Hour

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  • Training Bless Ending Sooner Than One Hour

    I've noticed one thing while using training bless. Being the only CWA player in our wars and only one of 3 in our alliance, I take it upon myself to load every war base with troops (Being the leader also helps) other than my own. I use the training bless to get it done quickly but today I noticed they ended much sooner than they should’ve. The first bless I thought I may have lost track of time but the second I noticed it was over sooner because I set my phone timer for 55 minutes. I logged in off an on to donate war troops and each log in kept taking away more time. I know that it’s an hour regardless of logging in or not but definitely lost time. The third time I tried to keep track but hard to do so when I’m working but I set the timer for 50 minutes and at the end of that time I logged in and the bless already dissaperead. Anyone else experiencing it or at least just activate and check to see if it lasts the whole hour.