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Known Game Issues

This is a sticky topic.
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    Pls, at least an info, whether the map editor crash is going to be addressed in the 5.3 release
    Cheaters can't attack


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    This game is very expensive, and something always happens when you upgrade the game, I lost all my extra troops, that does not make sense


    • Nb4powerup
      Nb4powerup commented
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      Please check your inventory and if they are not there, reach out to customer support.

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    New Bug: When achieving a 5 star attack in multiplayer not only the promised diamond is not granted, also no national trade goods are given. It sonetimes helps to reboot, sometimes not. This status of no longer being able no earn diamonds or national trade goods can hit you any time. When it hits, you are from then on bugged until you reboot ... but you cannot be sure that the reboot helps. You will know for sure if one reboot helped after the next 5 star attack, and maybe have to reboot again.
    This is very annoying, especially that the national goods are chained to the diamonds.
    The customer support keeps telling me, my husband and our guild mates that they would be aware of this issue and are working on it. And they also say I should read on the forum about it, but I see nothing in the list.
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    • Quovatis
      Quovatis commented
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      It's just a visual bug. The diamonds and NTGs are deposited in your storehouse, but sometimes the summary screen doesn't tell you that you got them.

    • DUSTY1
      DUSTY1 commented
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      I'm getting that problem as well. I've been limping along with no diamonds for about 18 hours. I've rebooted the game. Next I'll try rebooting the phone. And after that uninstalling and reinstalling the game.

      Rebooting the phone itself worked. 5 stars yielded a star and a national trade good.
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    The game constantly asks to update and there is no update available in play store. This issue is happening every other day. Then someday I am able to get in the game. It already has happened 6 times already. Right now too I am unable to get in.

    I have dropped a mail to customer services too. They have asked me to reinstall the game. My question is, would the game synchronize to my progress automatically from playgames account?
    Please help. Thanks.


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      Since last update, have had multiple crashes when returning from PvP battle to main screen. I think I'm receiving all my loot, but troops are wiped out and rebuild queue is not available (have to manually train troops). Happens maybe 5% of the time. Have not experienced this yet on a war attack. Playing on an iPad Air 2 with up to date OS.


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        Nb4powerup I dont see the bug that is causing very advance/max lvl players to have incorrect war weighting. It would be good to track that one as we feel it is having a big negative impact to matchmaking
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        • givisufi
          givisufi commented
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          Please track and fix this bug, which appear quick and easy to fix, and instead it's there from weeks if not months

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        How about the donation request bugs that have been around for 2 years? Ever going to fix those? I'm tired of my request disappearing and never getting troops (and spending crowns to ask again doesn't fix it!). And I'm tired of 10 requests showing in my chat box, yet when I try to donate to them, it says they are full. TWO YEARS, and it's not even acknowledged in this thread. It's a pretty obvious bug by every player.


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          I have an issue where not receiving diamonds is not just a visual glitch-it doesn't show up on my resource count in my village and I can't buy anything that requires diamonds despite multiple five star victories, so it's not just a visual glitch. Additionally,I once got a one diamond bounty from the victory chest, and it showed up in my resources, but after I exited the game and came back later it was gone. I am in the Iron Age and my DomiNations username is BigBoss6121.


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            New Bug: with our current war, I was able to get a base down faster than a guild mate (we both got 5 stars). Accourding to the update announcement, my account should now be the top attacker because I was faster. Still, the war map shows my guild mate as the top attacker.
            I opened a ticket with screenshots on our achieved time and the view on the war map where my comrade is the top attacker after my attack.

            Update: The support admiited that I found a bug, they are investigating.
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              Yesterday, at evening I played game for about 30 minutes and there is a list of issues what I found after 5.5.update …. Only at 30 minutes of playing.

              1. Can not see what kind of National trade good you can get when you choose opponent at multiplayer battles.
              2. Watch video to earn crowns – not available, don`t working.
              3. Defenders do not appear from Stronghold (I have purchased armies, and saw it in game replays).
              4. Recommended Upgrades – list of upgrades is unfit and useless.
              5. Still now not working/not available “search for players”, “friends” and other features.
              6. Marco Polo – seems like he is dead, no one have seen him.
              7. Prices of War Coalitions is changed before time – just required different types of NTG at one moment.
              8. Some players can not be set to WW.
              … and there is some things more…

              Defending troops react different – now them goes to the closest troops not to the troops set on battlefield in first.

              Now even more noticeable is that what kind of opponents game offer at multiplayer battles depending of your current army. For example: if you have not full army - offers is little players with many resources and with different NTG, but when you go to multiplayer battle with completed army – offered opponents is higher level, with less resources e.t.c.
              Still, there is one + too – game seems to be a little faster.

              And of course about tactics…. miserable.

              After this last update we, all players, can see that NEXON company decided earn fast money with no matter about game itself.

              That is why I am calling for all players:

              Please don`t spend money for game till them will start listening to us - it seems to be the only way to make them to right behavior !!!

              Sorry for my English.


              • DomiNationsVigiles
                DomiNationsVigiles commented
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                x-posting from the post 5.5 thread (

                Hi TopSist!

                Sorry to hear about the few issues you encountered during your play session. I wanted to give you a quick update on how we're addressing these issues:

                1.) Missing National Trade Goods: Yup, this is a bug that we're tracking. Working on a fix for it now.

                2.) Videos for Crowns: We've had a few people from different regions report this. A partner of ours provides the video inventory, and we can find out if there are any issues on their end.

                3.) Stronghold Defenders: Defenders will appear from the Stronghold only when:
                A.) You are in war
                B.) You had Troop Tactics donated to your Stronghold (from an Alliance member)
                The Troop Tactics that you have can only be used to support your attacks, or can be donated to Alliance members during Planning Day. They do not currently deploy on defense.

                4.) Recommended Upgrades: This is a feature that benefits newer players, who may be unsure of what to build next. Veteran players may be more comfortable working at their own pace to upgrade and customize their base. Both play styles are fine!

                5.) Searching for Players: This is an issue affecting some Android users. It's on our radar and we are working on a fix.

                6.) Marco Polo: Although he may seem like a fish-out-of-water, rest assured that Marco Polo is coming! He is working out his trade routes, and will arrive on player's bases very soon!

                7.) Prices of War Coalition:This could have been a result of the change to 5.5. Now that we've all made the update, this should no longer be an issue. Please contact Customer Service through the game if you continue to see these prices hop around.

                8.) Unable to set players in World War: Have your Alliance members ensure they have the Command Post built before war is started. Some players may have to 'sit out a war' before they can be selected.

                9.) Defending Troops: The defending behavior of troops hasn't been changed for this release. It's something that we can keep an eye on.

                10.) Matching to bases with low/high resources: This may be a mater of perspective. PvP battles should involve random matchmaking to bases one age higher or lower than you.

                11.) Tactics: This seems to be a very common question/observation/concern among players. Our designers adjusted the Tactics balance in order to pull the attacker/defender balance in line. We are going to be monitoring Tactics use very closely in 5.5 to ensure that we are still providing a fun experience. With some of these Tactics, it was easier to make them more valuable rather than reduce their overall effectiveness.

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              Originally posted by TopSist View Post
              Please don`t spend money for game till them will start listening to us - it seems to be the only way to make them to right behavior !!!
              Just bumping this up because we must make them to right behaviour!!
              Sour grapes make whine.


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                500 crowns as compensation for a loss of 133 medals due to "friendly" challenge bug?
                Common, Nexon, that's a punch in the face, not a appropriate compensation!


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                  Here are the remaining problems I encounter :

                  - The crashes remain, less than a few month ago but still there
                  - unlimited nigh witches (fun for attack but annoying when you loose much oil because of this)
                  - wrong number of units when sending units to the military bases (a howitzer counts for 8 instead of 9 for example)
                  - I've never seen Marco Polo since the update
                  - Diamonds aren't displayed everytime for a 5 star victory
                  - and of course SANDBAGGING !! (again I'm currently in a war where our alliance is being crushed by the opponents with at least 5 players over lvl 200, we have none ...)


                  • DomiNationsVigiles
                    DomiNationsVigiles commented
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                    Hi Kaiser Shag!

                    1.) Crashes: We were able to fix several trouble spots, and are working to find/stop more.
                    2.) Unlimited Night Witches: We are currently trying to reproduce this on our test server. We should know more about the cause soon.
                    3.) Incorrect Space on Donated Units: Was this on a war started before or after the 5.5 update? If I'm not mistaken, there should have been a fix for this.
                    4.) Marco Polo: The Traveling Merchant will be arriving very soon! Keep an eye out!
                    5.) Diamonds: Sounds like a re-occurrence of an old bug. I'll make sure the team is aware.
                    6.) Sandbagging: The team recently did a Q&A on sandbagging ( Discussions on this happen daily in our office, and we are exploring options on how to prevent this without gutting other parts of matchmaking. Thank you for being patient as we develop the solution to this delicate problem.

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                  Issue: Alliance defense troops (multi context)
                  Description: The attacking troops do not damage the troops of alliance defense, causing the annihilation of the troops of attack.
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                  • DomiNationsVigiles
                    DomiNationsVigiles commented
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                    Hi aetcheverre!

                    Please contact customer service about this issue.

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                  Night witch.... for some players it is in their stronghold, they use it and it still remains. Getting raided now almost every hour by people using endless night witches.


                  • Technocrat
                    Technocrat commented
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                    Bump. Nothing like spending hours raiding for oil, only to wake up to a slew of 5k losses from people's endless supply of night witches. This obviously also affects war and amounts to free oil upgrades for the people using them. Any updates, @dominatinsvigiles?