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How to Contact Customer Service

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  • How to Contact Customer Service

    Hello Leaders!

    This is a friendly refresher on the best way to get help from our Customer Service Team. We are working hard to improve our response times, and this is meant to give you a roadmap on the fastest way to get help.

    In Game Support
    This is the best way to contact our team. Open the Settings Menu and click Customer Support. Search for your problem in the FAQs (which we are updating in an ongoing effort to get more information to you) and if you can’t find an answer, click the Contact Us button.

    If your game will not launch, you can go to the web portal for the Customer Service team: https://nexonm.helpshift.com/a/dominations/ As with the in game support, you can search the FAQs and submit an issue directly.

    Posting issues here without submitting an issue to Customer Service won’t enable us to help you effectively. When you use the in-game/web support, it submits important information automatically, which makes the whole process that much more efficient. We’re working to streamline the whole process and improving our tools to make the process faster.
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