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  • Recruit a Friend Reward Changes

    Greeting Leaders.

    Yesterday we released the new Recruit a Friend feature and began rewarding players for inviting their friends to play DomiNations, but we quickly found that some players were excessively exploiting the rewards by making duplicate accounts. To keep the feature in the spirit of which it was designed, we are opting to change the rewards for future friend recruitment.

    We will be updating these rewards later today, 1/8/21.
    The new rewards will be as follows:
    • Reducing Crown reward tier from 14000 to 3000
    • Norden Bombsight replaced with the Diamond Mine
    • Reducing the number of Troop Chests
    • Reducing the number of Speed Ups
    To players who have already started recruiting friends to DomiNations, rest assured that any friends with current progress on Recruit a Friend will still receive the old rewards. These changes will apply only to new recruits who start the reward track after the update goes live later today.
    Ex vulgus scientia!

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    How do I put this...? This is horses#*t!

    Lord Stark leader of D͓̽ґѧ⒢өηṧ†øn̥ͦΣ


    • King Crimson
      King Crimson commented
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      So sorry you missed out on the exploit. Enjoy your 70k crowns while they last.

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    It's for the best as it was getting out of hand. A good idea but nearly impossible to implement in this tech savvy world. Good luck and hope you find more ways to help the game grow as, despite the negative feedback and related jokes/memes many of us continue giving over the years, it's what we all want to happen.

    Another way is to garner feedback because early age life is difficult, especially without a training blessing available from the start. So hopefully some experienced players stick with their new alts, or teach and discuss with their real friends, and determine improved early age strategies and offer suggestions. Ideally MP should not require alliance donations and/or remaining at 200 medals.
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      A diamond mine... seriously... the most worthless building that there is. No one wants to keep workers available to collect the diamonds when they can be busy doing something else. High level people are always maxed on diamonds and probably have hundreds of them in inventory and only use them to buy oil shipments most of the time. If you were going to take away the legendary artifact you could gave at least replaced it with a fortified strongpoint or a b-17 hangar or something decent. A damn diamond mine... wtf
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      • KnattyNate
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        A legendary is better than a diamond mine lol

      • SomeRandomPlayer
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        Yes, but you requested a fortified strongpoint or hangar, which are preferred by most over the legendary's supplies. As such, you are requesting to increase the value when their goal was to decrease it.

      • KnattyNate
        KnattyNate commented
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        I would much rather have the legendary than any temporary building including the bazooka tower. I was being reasonable in saying if you are replacing the legendary with a building at least make it a decent building.

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      diamon mine and 3k crown for reaching gunpowder age.lol.it means a freind must play for long time.I say we have to support game every time.but sometimes i can't understand them.
      at least you can let players try to get one Artifact and crown by recruiting a freind,then reduce gift.
      I recommend developer ,a bit thinking befor trying any idea.
      I do not bother my friends because of 3000 crowns.
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        First time I was interested into recruitment due to legendary and crown portion saying as it is. You might announced recruitment price reduction but I haven’t noticed, my fault. I though you finally reconsider the bond with faithful players. You had offered average legendary for bringing some sheeps into the game in order to increase your revenue. Now I don’t see any motivation for such a step. Diamond mine and crown reduction is just a slap into players face.

        Are you trying to tell us TheWise that those players who have already connected recruitment feature with multiple accounts will receive original rewards? Am I missing something? Nice anticheating policy! Reduce for everybody or do not reduce anything!

        You guys really believe in that what you are doing?

        Good luck!
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