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Information Age is almost here!

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  • Information Age is almost here!

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    Greetings Leaders,

    You’ve waited patiently for the newest age to grace your screen, and the wait is nearly over!
    DomiNations Information Age is almost here and we just can’t wait to share all the exciting details about what makes this particular age so great.

    Over the next couple weeks, we’ll be dropping more ‘information’ so you can start to plan your strategy as you prepare to enter the Information Age!

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    If you promise that this will be the last age, it will be enough for me to be happy. You have added way too much endless building's upgrades and no new major gameplay updates since World Wars 5 years ago.
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    • SomeRandomPlayer
      SomeRandomPlayer commented
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      What? Assault Rally? Recon? Space shuttle? Museum? ... what do you expect, aliens from outspace with laser guns?

    • bapia
      bapia commented
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      Like to see WW map gets some value.

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    Add some new nations too


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      Add some battle ships


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        fix the bug about alliance army donations. It is a nightmare!
        The Greeks
        Μονο για πολεμοχαρης παικτες! Απο επιπεδο 180 και πανω.

        The Greeks 2
        Training academy για ολα τα επιπεδα παικτων.


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          Hopefully, there will be something new to play with rather than just hp/dp increase in offensive or defensive front


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            Ayo Leviathan TheWise. Please add 3rd Factory in Information Age


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              Please add a chapter in the library or Uni that allows us to research shorter building times. Irl, when your technology improves, things are built better and quicker.
              Or, just reduce workers for Uni so we can build more things.


              • Walker
                Walker commented
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                First one is a good idea

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              Originally posted by Leviathan View Post
              ...You’ve waited patiently for the newest age to grace your screen, and the wait is ...
              Really! Someone here was waiting for a new age? Another pointless increase in the level of all buildings and troops Oooh!!!
              We continue to wait for old bug fixes and gameplay improvements... to hell with your new era.. You don't make even the simplest improvements what we asked for years ago. for example, where is the approval of coalitions? I just now accidentally turned on an unnecessary coalition once again..
              ...and do something about those damn bastions!
              With my best regards,
              Your Leader


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                I think we will see great upgrade.SA has a special option.(same Radar....).but DA not so diffrent.just some Hp&Dps.
                so,maybe new Age be a diffrent Age.
                Thanks a lot for your hard work.
                I kike this game.as it best.
                maybe its better that we know its a diffrent game and so big game.its not a puzzle game or samll game.so,its normall taht there be a some small bug.if you don't accept this,try candy rush or fishdom.why this adult game.!!
                Best Regard for BHG Team


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                  What is the minimum level required for the information age?


                  • #12
                    we would like to know the following beforehand cause it takes a lot of planning from our part:

                    1. upgrade cost in gold for the town center
                    2. minimum level for info age
                    3. release date

                    thx Ayo Leviathan
                    The Greeks
                    Μονο για πολεμοχαρης παικτες! Απο επιπεδο 180 και πανω.

                    The Greeks 2
                    Training academy για ολα τα επιπεδα παικτων.


                    • Quagmire
                      Quagmire commented
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                      This is my issue too. Before, @Tin & @Ash would do a Twitch.tv presentation proudly promoting their new toys & give us this *essential* information. 🎉

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                    Its been 2 weeks now. Please start the new age. Its been super boring waiting 17 days for simple updates for almost a year now. Thanks


                    • Cougar
                      Cougar commented
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                      You do realize the upgrade times will only get longer in the new age, right?

                  • #14
                    Leviathan Thank you for revealing the level requirement is 300. Can you also reveal how much gold and how many workers the town center upgrade will take so we can plan accordingly? Some of us may need to upgrade markets or work on Catherine’s TC cost research in university.
                    If you are looking for an alliance come check us out at Dominion. We currently have 3 active alliances: Dominion Títans, Dominion Legion, and Dominion Force. Members from all Dominion alliances are all connected by the required LINE app. Add knattynate and message me to be added to our groups.


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